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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Sep 2, 2021 11:06:10 AM

Parthiv Shah

You understand that your business' marketing system needs more than just one approach to reach customers. You know that coordinating your website, blog, sales funnels, social media, and content is a complicated, time consuming, ongoing, daily process. You can also understand that it's easier to have everything managed from one location than having all BRENT's parts function independently.

The first place to start is with a unique content management system (CMS) that displays your website and builds relationships with your customers. BRENT's CMS has ten features that provide 10 benefits to both you and your customers. 

• It's speedy
If customers must wait for your site to load, they'll go elsewhere. BRENT's CMS loads super-fast on any device from any location.

• It's secure
Unfortunately, getting hacked is a common occurrence and one you'll want to avoid at all costs. BRENT's system has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), CDN locked in, and a security team monitoring the network 24/7. SSL is the standard technology for keeping internet connections secure and preventing cybersecurity criminals from modifying your information. CDN is a highly distributed content delivery network that enables fast loading times and reliability.

• It analyzes and tracks
Unless you know what content or products interest your customers, who they are and where they go and stay online, you won't know how to sell to them. Our site includes analytics and tracking in one place

• It has on-page SEO
Finding the right SEO tools online is a hassle and adds one more step to the complexity of writing copy for an article, a website, a landing page, etc. With our CMS, SEO is included as you write your page.

• It has Smart content
Smart content is designed to change with your viewers' interests or past behavior for a more personalized customer experience. With our CRM, you can personalize your content based on the demographic, location, device, and language of your anonymous and known visitor characteristics. Smart content converts visitors into customers.

• It has tools to build your online marketing network.
BRENT's tools help you create your webpages, calls to action (CTAs), pop-up forms, forms, reports, and conversations. BRENT's CRM also publishes your social media posts, targets campaigns, and tells you who needs follow-up.

• It has templates
Do you want to redesign your website? No problem, BRENT's CRM has content staging. Do you want to develop a new content strategy? We've got a step-by-step template for that too. Would you like to customize your template? We can walk you through that easily.

• It has contact forms that provide customer insight.
Would you like to see your customer's activity before they submitted a contact request? BRENT's CRM gives you information on the pages they viewed, how and when they arrived on your website, and how many times they visited your site.

• It has a chatbot.
For customers who want an instant answer, you can add a live chat to answer FAQs.

With BRENT, everything is in one place. You don't need any plug-ins or additional staff to juggle all the moving parts. BRENT's CRM gives you every tool you can imagine, and some you can't, that work with a website that converts viewers into patients.


To learn more about BRENT's CRM, Click the link below.

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