UCCP (Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform) after COVID pt 3

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Let’s hop right in.  In the previous 2 posts we talked about the likely outcome of this depression and how you will have to change your business to stay in business and take advantage of the incredible opportunity that is available because of it. 


I introduced you to my Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform (UCCP) platform and we discussed Lead Capture and Long-Term Nurture. 


At some point in the nurture process the prospect will indicate that he is ready to do business - or do business again in the case of a repeat customer. 


At that point you want to blow their socks off with some sort of Shock and Awe package!


This is a package that is designed to be so much more than what any competition gives them that it makes you appear in a completely different category.  If your competition offers a flyer, you want to offer a presentation folder.


If your competition offers a presentation folder, you want to offer a huge box of swag or something delivered via private courier and delivered only to the prospect.


The point is to separate you completely from your competition. 




This is a scripted pre-planned out process to get the prospect to the buying decision asap.  It might be a pre-appointment info pack, or a tour through your office so they feel at home and comfortable…


Either way, it will “soften the beachhead” and maximize conversions. 


Professional Presentation


A well tested, scripted process that gets the prospect to the Yes answer now!


Referral Culture


Remember the last post when I said it was important to nurture clients even if you are a one-time only sale?


This is why!


In the post Covid economy you need to have a defined, specified referral generating process.  And that includes constant contact with your clients, customers and patients.


And, finally…


The WOW Box:


This can be a literal box o’ stuff, or it can be a special gift.  Either way you need to let your customers know how special they are each and every time you do business with them. 


If you need help working out how you can apply this process to your business, just click here and schedule a FREE 1 hour call with me. 

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