UCCP (Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform) after COVID pt 2

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 14, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

In my last post we talked about the likely outcome of the economic shutdown and what we can likely expect in the coming years.


People ask me how I came to my conclusions.  


First, I have taken no less than 100 hours since the shutdown started and studied some of the best high-level financial analysis on both sides of the issue.


Second, I took time to study and speak to a few people who lived through the Great Depression.  Most as children because they are the only ones still alive. 


I asked about the changes they saw in their parents and other adults they know.  I also asked about how they think it affected their lives.  The answers were amazing.


And finally, shortly after I left India - where I was born and still have friends and family - there was an economic depression.  I had good friends, family, people I served with, all telling me first-hand the pains and trials they had to go through.


In short, beyond the experience of my loved ones, I have taken the time to educate myself about the consequences we are likely going to have to face. I did that for my own business, and to help yours - which is why I am writing about it FREE on this blog.


I admit I could be mistaken, but I do not believe that I am.  And even if I am, what I am going to suggest is good business anyway…


It will become necessary business if I am right, but even if I am wrong it will help you.


Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform


Most businesses either make a sale or they don’t.  They spend money to get someone to call or come in or show up to a website…


And the person either buys or they don’t. 


That “ain’t gonna cut the mustard” - as my redneck copywriting friend, Everte Farnell - says. 


You are going to have to make more of each and every response, contact, prospect, client or customer in an environment where people have less to spend and are hard pressed to spend what they have.


Remember the attitude, “He came from the school where you didn’t need nothing if you couldn’t make it with your own two hands.” 


That means you have a harder job than ever before…


And you have to do this in a society where everyone assumes you are lying.  In the Great Depression, the default was belief even if you were a stranger. 


Today the default is skepticism even if you are a friend. 


Much tougher job…


And if you just keep doing the same ol’ same ol’, you’re going to crash and burn and quickly.  


Here is a very general outline you can adapt for a UCCP plan in your business. 


Lead Capture. This could be automated or manual, but either way you have to capture the lead information for everyone who contacts you or lands on your website.


Long Term Nurture. You need to keep in contact with everyone who contacts your business. Some contacts (like buyers) are more valuable and should be communicated with via handwritten notes and small gifts.  Less valuable contacts might only get emails.


Either way, staying in touch is critical, even if your product or service is a single or long-term purchase.  We will discuss why in a follow up blog, but for now take my word for it.


To be continued next time…




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