Types of WebPages Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of the types of web pages available In this blog, I will be focusing on Offer Pages and Home Pages. Let’s dig in!


Offer Pages

The offer page is where you present the offer, and allow the prospect to take up the call to action, whatever that may be. This could mean that they are going to make a purchase, schedule a discovery call or RSVP to an event. This is the page where you're going to give them all the reasons that they need to take action right now.

They will take the steps that are a successful transaction for your business. The offer page will also make a very strong case by stacking additional offers. If you take action A now you will not only get product or service X, you'll also get Y and Z. This is essential to making sure that you are capturing as many prospects as possible from the offer page.


You will also move a successful transaction to either an up-sell or a down-sell that is congruent with the offer that is being made. For example, if you are offering a home study course, your upsell might be, “Are you concerned that you may not have the time to do this yourself? Why not let us do it for you?” This kind of up-sell is extremely effective when presented properly because it allows the prospective buyer to get better results faster.


This can often be a very lucrative up-sell for many businesses. Alternatively, if they don't take the original offer or the up-sell, you might want to offer a down-sell. Ultimately, the series of offers, up-sells and down-sells are going to be dependent on your business and what the testing tells you is most effective.


Home Pages

On a website, the homepage is a catch-all page. Generally speaking, you do not drive paid traffic to a home page. These pages are designed for prospects that find your company either through referral or search. They are critical to have because someone who comes to you as a referral or by searching for you is looking for very different information than what you get on a sales page. It is essential that you immediately start by giving value and building rapport. A home page is the first step in what will hopefully be a long relationship.


But, in much the same way that you would never go on a first date and ask for their hand in marriage before getting to know them; you use your homepage to introduce yourself to your reader. Give them an idea of who you are and what you do. You want to encourage them to start an exchange of information with you so that you can begin to understand who your prospect is, who you're talking to and what they need.

One of the ways that work very well for doing this is to have them take a short quiz which will present them with the information that they would find most beneficial in dealing with your products and services.


Now you know everything about WebPages – feel free to notify Google and Microsoft that you're ready to be headhunted and help them with their little marketing efforts. You’re welcome!


As always, if we can assist you, please let us know.

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