The Only Thing Constant About the Economy is That it ALWAYS Changes

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Mar 8, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Believe it or not, even though economics is a reasonably new science, the economy has existed since before recorded time.  

People have bartered and traded for as long as humans have been around…

And the whole time the economy has shifted and morphed and changed.  

The people who stayed ahead of the transformations became rich and powerful, and the people who didn’t alter course with the economy ended up broke and at the mercy of others.  The good thing is, as technology has advanced, the number of people who can raise themselves above subsistence levels has increased dramatically.  Today, the “poor” in the US live more comfortable lives than kings did 500 years ago.  

A thousand years ago, people did almost everything for themselves, with some barter if they needed help.  

With the concept of money allowed the economy to transition into a specialization economy - where people each got REALLY good at something and then used money to trade their wares among each other. 

Then, local economies were critical because each little town was in many ways isolated economically from the rest of the world.  

Soon enough mail order became a reality and tied the entire nation together.  Companies like Sears grew HUGE by selling virtually everything through the mail.

Phones and credit cards allowed mail order to turn into phone order and made the entire process more efficient.

While all this was happening, the industrial revolution allowed human activity to become infinitely more productive, and so raised the wealth of the world. 

Now, in the information age, even more wealth is created because the whole world is a smaller place. People can easily and efficiently do business with anyone, anywhere.

Still, at first, Internet commerce was generally considered to be a secondary way of doing business.  While it has been increasingly difficult to do so, until very recently you could still have a successful business with no web presence at all.  

That has changed in the post Covid world.  

Now, your “pixel estate” is as important - and maybe more important - than your “real estate.”




Because no one is going anywhere, even in their local area, without doing research online to make sure they feel safe BEFORE they go.  

So the pixel estate is the first level of threshold resistance that must be overcome in order to do business with anyone…

Even if you have a local bricks and mortar business or practice.  

No longer can your website be just there just to confirm you have a real business.  It MUST be designed and executed in a way that will maximize the desire of the prospect and reduce any nervousness or fear of visiting your real estate location.  

How can you do this effectively?

Schedule your call with me or my team, and we can share precisely how you can do it.  Then, you can decide if you want us to help you execute or you want to do it yourself.  

Either way, we are here to help.  


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