Strategic Marketing - Is It Right For Your Business?

Posted by Russell Martino on May 11, 2018 4:00:00 PM


The boutique furniture store was loaded with spectacular, one of a kind masterpieces and original works of art from many of the top wood workers, metal workers and artist in the State of Texas. Walking through the showroom was a memorable experience because every piece was totally unique and masterfully handcrafted.

The manager of this remarkable furniture boutique was top notch, one of the best in the business, but there was a problem. There was simply not enough walk in business to support the boutique and the owner was not inclined to spend any money at all on advertising.

The owner heard me discussing marketing on a local Houston radio program, contacted me and asked what he could do to survive without spending money on mass media advertising. Fortunately he had a list of people who had visited his store over the last year.

Strategic Marketing Is Powerful

Long story short, we sent a letter to several hundred people on the list inviting them to a wine and cheese open house exclusively for friends of the boutique; the artists would be in attendance and patrons could mix and mingle, ask questions, commission unique pieces and receive a Friends-Only discount for attending.

The Result –- over a hundred people attended on a Thursday night and over $100,000 in business was conducted as a direct result of that letter.

Tactical marketing has to do with HOW you deliver your marketing message. Strategic marketing has to do with WHAT YOU SAY and WHO YOU SAY IT TO, in other words, strategic marketing crafts a message your best potential customers will find compelling, and puts that message directly in their hands.

I teach my clients that tactical marketing amounts to nothing more than hit-and-miss, hope-and-pray marketing, while Strategic Marketing identifies the people most likely to benefit from your product or service and delivers a compelling message directly to them.

Does it work? Where else have you heard of a mailing that cost less than $500 to complete generate over $100,000 in sales in just a few days.

Is A Strategic Marketing Plan Right For Your Business

Is strategic marketing right for you? Can strategic marketing generate a cash-flow surge for your business and keep qualified customers coming your way? How reliable is strategic marketing?

Are you tired of struggling to grow your business and not making the progress you want?

Are you fed up with working so hard; pouring yourself into your business and not making the headway you need to make to reach your goals?

If there was a way to break through the obstacles and barriers that have blocked your path, held you back and kept you from making your business far more profitable than it is today, you may be a single strategic marketing initiative away from growing your business more in the next 12 months than it has grown in the last five years.

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