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Six Social Media Marketing Principles That You Must Use

Posted by Kim Walsh-Phillips, GKIC on Jun 6, 2018 4:45:00 PM

smo-1There are SIX direct response marketing principles that have to be applied to social media marketing or you might as well set your money on fire (as most companies do).

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others are all great media for you to use to market your product or service.  While they may not ALL apply to you, I guarantee at least one is an oil well waiting to be tapped and if you don’t do it, one of your competitors will!

And they all make it really easy for you to get started.  Like immediately. BUT…that’s where most people go wrong.  In your haste, as entrepreneurs, to get things going especially on platforms that make it easy for you, a lot of mistakes are made that can cost you thousands of dollars, or worse yet, make you think that “Facebook doesn’t work for my business” just because your initial campaign didn’t work. To save you thousands of dollars and lots of wasted time and effort, here are six of Dan Kennedy’s direct response rules as applied to social media marketing. Follow these and you’ll be well on your way to success.

  1. Have a plan to sell from the very beginning – While in most cases you don’t want to pounce on a person like a hungry lion the minute they click on your ad, you do have to design your entire campaign (notice I didn’t just say ad) with the intent to sell and then create an ad that starts them down that path.  So start with the end in mind, then map out the steps it’ll take to get them there.

  2. Don’t make delaying a desirable option – Give them a reason or reasons to act now! On every social media platform there are dozens or even hundreds of things vying for your attention at any given time.  So you MUST have an offer that has a strong reason for people to act right away or you’ll probably lose them.  Use fresh offers with quick deadlines!

  3. Give VERY clear instructions on what you want them to do right now – Don’t leave anything to chance!  Tell them once, then tell them again…and again…and again.  If they need to click somewhere, tell them they need to click.  Don’t assume they’ll know what to do, or that they’ll do anything without your explicit instruction and continual guidance.

  4. There WILL be tracking and measurement – If you don’t track your marketing, how in the world do you know what’s working and what’s not?  You need to track every dollar you spend to make sure it’s coming back to you and bringing its friends!  The cool thing about most social media platforms is that they supply you with a lot of tracking tools at a glance.  But remember, you can’t deposit “impressions” or “clicks” so make sure your tracking extends through to the sale of your product or service.

  5. Branding should be a byproduct of effective direct response marketing – In social media, all of your posts, promotions, photos and posturing should have a goal of sales, not “branding.”  This may seem in conflict with the rule of providing valuable content 85% of the time and only selling 15% of the time but it’s not if you do it correctly.  The 85% valuable content should be setting up the 15% of the time you’re selling.  This means your posts should be creating interest and planting the seeds of “need” into your followers so that when a solution to their problem “magically appears” they are primed and ready as it’s been moved to the forefront of their mind!

  6. Results Rule.  PERIOD! – Be careful when you hear generic rules or “best practices” or broad statements about social media marketing.  What may be the “best practice” for one industry may not work in yours and what works for you, can often fly in the face of general convention.  Your results need to be tracked daily, and any changes you make should be evaluated by the results they produce period, end of story.   

Are there more direct response marketing truths that should be applied?  Absolutely! 

Read more at https://nobsinnercircle.com/blog/internet-marketing/six-social-media-marketing-principles-that-you-must-use/

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