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Part II  Marketing is NOT All About the Future

Posted by eLaunchers on Jun 27, 2019 5:34:00 AM



Last time we spoke of data mining to identify the perfect, high-yielding target audience you should be focusing most of your attention as far as the customer journey on the path to purchase goes.

This article carries on that thought process through to the next step; the present. But hold on, let’s talk a little bit more about what has been discovered and what can be done with it.As the graphic above indicates, there are three phases.  We’ve given some important direction as to finding and securing the marketing assets that drew your customers, clients or patients toward you and committed to be with you.  You’ve also learned exactly what marketing assets were used to do so. 

The present time is where we’ll refine the assets by linking the campaigns to the analytics to determine what assets worked best, and which were dogs.  By dogs I mean those that didn’t produce enough to be repeated. 

The present is where you’ll be re-purposing marketing assets that worked by using magnetic marketing principles to elevate its effectiveness.

Creating tactics to support the strategy is critical at this stage.  What exactly are you going to do in order to reach the goals you have established.  In magnetic marketing, using magnetic marketing throughout all of your re-purposed attraction assets makes all the difference.  In email sequencing driving prospects to landing pages, lead capture for both online and offline (direct response offline media) you can grow your database of avatar prospects.  In other online media such as social, pay per click ads, website and blog. 

Direct mail (direct response) is the linchpin to the process.  You can use well-segmented owned data or rent lists of look-alike prospective leads from list brokers.

All of these tactics and campaigns designed to drive traffic to your business online assets like landing pages, special offers, and so on.

Our next article will focus on the future – both lead generation, conversion and building loyalty. 

See you soon.


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