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Posted by eLaunchers on Dec 8, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Have you ever wanted to take your marketing to the next level?  You've already done the mailing lists, website creation, and social media marketing? Looking for a little marketing excitement? There are plenty of other things you can do to promote your business that are a little outside of the box. 


Get a mascot!

You dont have to be a large business to have a mascot. When creating your new mascot friend, think about the industry youre in. What could be a fun play on words or common imagery that could go into creating your character. Do you want to have a cool or tough look, or do you want to go with something cute? Whats the best part of having a mascot in the 21st century? You dont even need to have a physical 6ft costume of your mascot anymore. You can choose if you want someone to physically advertise with your mascot at local events, parades, or fairs, or you can keep your mascot purely digital. The fun part of a mascot is that your imagination can go as far as you like when creating your character to represent your business.


Get a full-body branded paint job done on your company vehicle.

Advertise everywhere you drive! When you make the investment to do a full wrap on your company vehicle make sure you keep it professional. Make sure that your messaging and the key imagery in your marketing are visible and clear from a distance. You will also want to keep your vehicle clean! You dont want potential customers not being able to see your advertising because your vehicle is covered in dirt. Having a dirty vehicle also doesnt leave a good first impression to potential customers.


Create branded wearable items.

Not only are branded t-shirts a great way to have your team look like a team to the public, but having a range of branded items can be used to advertise to a larger audience you may not be reaching. Wristbands, pins, t-shirts, sweaters - you can make your range as wide as you like. Try to keep your branding clear on your items, and think of creative ways you can have people wear or showcase your items. 

If you want to go that extra mile, you could even get (or have someone else get) a branded tattoo! Keep thinking outside the box for your marketing. Theres always new and exciting possibilities popping up!

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