Location Location Location? No...not anymore!

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Six months into a post Covid world and there’s one thing that we know for sure….

EVERYTHING has changed!

Entrepreneurial businesses are closing in droves.  Millions of people each month are filing for unemployment benefits.  (More than anytime in the history of the program!) 

People are working from home and not going out to shop or for entertainment.

Delivery services are thriving, Amazon is showing record profits, movies are being released on streaming services rather than in theaters…

The entire world has been dumped on its head. 

Whether you think the actions taken by the government are prudent or foolish, the fact is this is happening, and if you refuse to adjust to it you will be left behind!

One of the biggest adjustments that brick and mortar businesses need to make is the fact that foot traffic is all but gone.  

You can’t hang your shingle in a strip mall and expect to have a good business…

It is just not going to happen anymore. 

Now you need to get strategic about marketing, about sales…

And about your web presence.  What I call your Pixel Estate - as opposed to your real estate.  

Here is the OLD buying process…

People saw your location or clipped a coupon or heard your ad on radio or TV, then they called to make an appointment (if applicable) or just stopped in.  

They might, if they thought about it, look at your website - but as an afterthought most of the time.  

Here is the NEW buying process…

Someone sees your ad or hears you on radio TV, etc…

Then they go to your website to decide IF it is worth the risk of going to see you. 

Distance matters less than it used to.

Special pricing matters less than it used to.

You explaining how you are keeping your customers, clients and patients safe and healthy matters.

Giving options for people at risk or just worried about getting sick metters.

Being able to provide an experience they will still enjoy while getting them out the door in the quickest amount of time matters.

So your pixel estate that addresses the concerns of your market matters FAR more than it used to.

If your “Pixel Estate” is not in good shape, your real estate location will be vacant. 

If you need help designing the perfect website to attract your perfect client, make sure to schedule your FREE 30 minute call with me. 

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