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Instagram is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes to advertise products and services. Instagram offers a diverse audience to advertise to so it can definitely be worth the investment, especially for a small business! Heres some tips on how to use Instagram for advertising.


Decide on your content and presentation.

When you begin writing, you need to think about the style of writing, what you want to present, and how youll present it on Instagram. It is a visual platform so youll want the image of your posted ad to be clear. Keep the written content mostly to your caption. Your caption needs to be to the point and brief. If you're advertising for a specific sale or product, you can have a simple image that shows the product of the key points of your sale, then in the caption you can add some light hearted writing to encourage viewers to visit your page or website. Try to have a call to action” or a clear message to the reader on what you want them to do. 


What kind of style ad do you need?

There are lots of formats that can be used to advertise on Instagram. There are stories, photos, videos, carousels (multiple images in one post), collections, explore ads, IGTV, and instagram shopping. Depending on what you want to advertise and how aggressively, you can choose from or multiple of these styles. 


Each of these styles have call to action buttons that can have the viewer click on your ad and be taken to another page, website, or even to download an app. Depending on your ad, you can use these buttons to channel your viewers wherever you need them to go.


Whats your budget? 

Setting how much you want to spend on ads is very flexible through instagram. You can choose from either the cost-per-click or cost-per-impressions bidding model. Through the app, you can see a full breakdown of how many likes, views, and clicks among other viewership details. You can set the daily amount youll spend and for how many days you want your campaign to run. From there, you can see how much youll spend per day and for how many estimated impressions. Say you have a sale coming up, you can run your ads for as long before the event or as close to the event as you like - and then you can see exactly how successful it was afterwards!


I hope this has given you some good ideas and tips on how to approach advertising on instagram! The world of online marketing is more or less endless. Theres always new ways to market your business through a variety of online platforms.


If you need some assistance with your marketing strategy, let us help!

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