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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Jan 22, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

What is the unlikely negative outcome of the infamous 2020? You will never guess - It is business cybersecurity. Not a lot of people realize that there were whole industries that had to switch from office work to remote working positions. The number of folks learning technology and installing home offices was shocking and that is bringing up a whole load of concerns for privacy and security. 


I am not talking about someone forgetting to shut off their webcam on the zoom call and flashing their underwear - I am speaking about corporate blackmail, ransomware, stealing of sensitive information and other cybersecurity-related risks. 


According to recent data, the median cost of cyber incidents just here in the US rose from $10,000 in 2019 to $50,000 in 2020. Up to 85% of consumers will not do business with a company if they have any concerns about its security practices and over 17% of business owners reported that they experienced greater difficulty attracting new customers following a cyber incident. These numbers highlight the importance of solid cybersecurity protection for a business. Read more about this at London Security Solutions Blog


What is the danger of slacking on the security of your organization and customers? Let's take a look at a recent cybersecurity incident that happened in May 2019 with the Australian graphic design tool website Canva. This service suffered a data breach of its user accounts. Hackers gained access to 139 million usernames, passwords, real names, city and country information. According to multiple sources, some information from Canva databases was put on sale and got distributed on the internet. 


CLEARLY, the Canva incident made international headlines and caused massive damage to the Canva brand and its services. Canva was also put up to scrutiny for mismanagement of the damages caused by the breach and for not explaining the scale of the damage properly to their customers and investors. Obviously, not a great look for a business. 


How would you deal with the cybersecurity issue? 


I personally recommend Dennis London, CEO of London Security Solutions. He has had 29 years experience in the information security industry. He started in the United States Marine Corp and went on to lead an IT department for an international company. He then served as Global Antivirus Manager for a Fortune 50 Company after which he joined NAI/MacAfee as Senior Systems Engineer. He started London Security Solutions in response to all the requests he was getting from companies to take care of their cyber security for them. He is also an active member on advisory boards which lets him help direct the paths of ancillary companies.


Fortunately, his business is ready and able to aid others in their cybersecurity needs. That is why London Security Solutions is offering, for a limited time, a free “7-Day Cybersecurity Sanity Check” utilizing their MDR/SOC service in Monitoring and Reporting mode ONLY! This “Sanity Check” is meant to “watch the watchers” and monitor possible security risks that might have slipped away from your security team. 


The London Security Solution offer is good for up to 50 machines, including servers and locations so you can get a view into your cybersecurity posture. Do not hesitate to test your security administrators with this offer - you don’t know if there is an issue if you don't look! London Security Solutions has been recognized as a top 10 MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) by Enterprise Security Magazine. They are truly the best in what they do!  Sign up now before they run out of space!

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