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When we talk about pressure points in marketing, we are talking about topics or events that may have affected your audience. This is a particularly effective marketing strategy because it is relatable to your audience and potential clients. That means using imagery or talking about a particular subject at the right time generally to show support or explaining how you and your business have been affected as well. The last thing a customer wants to see, especially from a local business, is marketing messages that are completely out of touch with what is happening in the community.

Here is an example. Currently, COVID has affected the entire world. How the virus and the subsequent lockdowns have affected your local community versus the international community will differ greatly.  That difference will change how you approach the subject when you think about your marketing. The worst thing you could do is completely ignore what is happening. Sending out marketing messages the same as pre-Covid will seem completely removed from what your audience is experiencing and could alienate them. The messages or themes have changed throughout the year as well. At the beginning of the lockdowns, many people were looking at new hobbies to explore while they could not go out. A large movement was also created for supporting our front-line workers, from food store clerks to medical professionals. Now, many people are exploring new ways to participate in their favourite holidays, celebrations, or just general life in a safe way. This is your opportunity to remind your audience that you are going through this with them -this is your pressure point.

Many small businesses can use their marketing to focus on what they are doing to keep their clients and their staff safe. You can talk about your sanitizing procedures. You can talk about how grateful you are to be supported by your community or what you are doing to give back. Some companies have even done small segments on individual staff, what their background is, how they were affected by the pandemic, and what they are grateful for right now.

With the winter months coming up and the holiday season arriving, many people may not be able to see their loved ones. This can also be a pressure point for your marketing where you can focus on what we can all do to help our mental health and be reminded that we’re not alone. Our communities are still there for us including our local businesses.There are pressure points everywhere! The topics and themes that are relevant are always changing which means there is always something you can use when marketing your business!

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