Five simple steps to create success with your LinkedIn Company Page

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It isn’t often a business owner can find a free professional marketing tool with 660 million followers. LinkedIn is “the” social network to link business professionals’ word-wide. A  LinkedIn Company Page offers business professionals a tremendous opportunity to connect, promote and advertise with local and global businesses and business professionals – for free.

By following these five easy steps, you will be on the right path to building your LinkedIn Company Page and growing your business success.

Step 1 - create your personal profile.

LinkedIn only allows you to create a company page, after you have created your LinkedIn personal profile first.

Treat your LinkedIn profile as a job interview. This is your professional business network’s  first impression of you and your skills, so make sure it’s filled out in full, and looks and sounds polished. Write a professional  sounding summary, a high level/abridged version of your career experience, relevant education, incorporate skills/endorsements and accomplishments.

It’s a good idea to have a qualified professional take your digital photo in your business environment, such as your office or practice and remember to look friendly and accessible (smiling helps).


Step 2 – add a company page

From your profile page, locate the “work” icon in the upper right-hand corner, click the arrow and select “create a company page”. Enter your business information and click “create page” to continue. If you have a bricks and mortar business, be sure to add your location to boost your SEO results.

Your LinkedIn company page contains  a “cover page”, where you can incorporate your logo, or a professional image of your business with a short message describing what your company does.

In your “about us” section, share your most important skills or services first and create a summary that is compelling. Do a little keyword or keyword phrase research to include in your summary to make your company page easier for search engines to find.

Sell yourself in the  LinkedIn products and services section by showcasing images of your services or products with brief descriptions.

If you choose to pay for a LinkedIn Company Page, you can add a “careers” page which is an excellent platform to recruit qualified employees.

Step 3 - connect         

The more followers your company page has, the easier it is to engage your audience. The easiest place to start is to add your staff and encourage them to add your company to their personal LinkedIn profile. Once added, they can comment and share information which expands your visibility and reach within LinkedIn.

You can also link your company page to other blogs, newsletters and emails. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to follow related companies or for them to follow you simply by clicking the “follow” button.

Step 4 – engage

Creating useful, relevant, fresh content is the best way to promote your company page. Providing free information to other blogs and newsletters is another way to build both trust and credibility in you and your business.

To promote a published event, make it a “featured” update on the home page of your company page, or target featured updates to specific groups of your followers.

Step 5- analyze

LinkedIn Company Page integrates analytics to help you learn about your follower’s behaviours, trends, gender, age and attitudes. These key tools help you fine-tune your company page for business growth and success.


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