Everyone Needs an Elephant

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If you have been reading the series about my BRENT automation platform, I hope you're convinced an automated marketing and sales platform to help attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers is a must-have for your business. 

I hope I have inspired you to think carefully about your customer persona, and customer journey, and their underlying problem that you can help them resolve.

I hope you can take the information I gave you from this series and learn how to leverage the techniques and strategies I outlined.
OR - You can make the sensible decision to schedule a consultation session with me to discuss your business needs. I make scheduling easy, and there is no cost or obligation to you, so what have you got to lose? We may work together; we may not; either way, I'm hoping I have helped you on your path to prosperity. Click below if you would like to have a conversation.

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As you've seen, BRENT can combine various functions that allow your marketing and sales activities to be managed all in one place. Within weeks, with BRENT's platform, can turnkey the implementation and automation of your sales and marketing processes. 

Since we are systems people, we have standard operating procedures (SOPs) for everything. We have systematized the BRENT Platform's implementation to a pre-populated project management template with implementation tasks and copywriting tasks. 

You might say, 'But my business is different. What if it doesn't fit the pre-populated project template?' And if you say so… you would be right. Your business IS different, and all the copy and graphics work will fit your context, concepts, and marketing modality. What BRENT offers is a system that provides a default road map. The same system has already taken dozens of companies from Frankensoft to a seamlessly integrated and automated sales and marketing process.

Our team will set up the command & control center and the communications processes to implement your minimal pain plan. Our process gets things done fast and right the first time, staying on time and budget. Most importantly, the implementation plan brings an order, discipline, and customer-focused workflow to your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.

Our system is set up in three process phases:

Phase I, Planning

This process usually takes anywhere from 1-12 days. Within that time, we define your business concepts and marketing strategy and complete your 73-point business-building checklist. From this information, we compile your 2-page marketing plan and plan your 3-5-year marketing roadmap, with annual priorities and quarterly Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART) goals.

Phase II, Design & Build

Magic happens in this phase. We design your systems and processes for your website, blog, funnels, landing pages, and call to action through our marketing automation platform.

Phase III, Deliver and Execute

In this phase, we deliver your online and offline marketing campaigns, document the findings, and assess which conversion methods work best for your business. We've discovered clients are all different. Some want inspirational articles with lots of images, others like to see comparisons from charts and graphs, and a third might only respond if you tug on their heartstrings. Documentation and trending help analyze what's working best for your business.

BRENT is your elephant that outfits your business with the right processes and systems to take your prospects on a three-phase journey. The end goal is to turn attraction into prospects that become leads, which convert into lifelong customers. If that sounds like something you’d like for your business, I’d like to help. Please click below to schedule a conversation.

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