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Before you embark on your journey at eLaunchers, I wanted to share my story with you first. Hopefully my experience will help you make the decision to include eLaunchers in your future or at least get a feel for the heart of this company.

My name is Niyathi Sulkunte and my time at eLaunchers started in August 2017. I was going to be a senior in high school and I wanted a summer internship to see if I was really interested in going into marketing. Choosing what you want to do at the young age of seventeen is not easy so I wanted to explore all my options before I settled down on an area of study. I needed to prove to myself that I was making the right choice to put “marketing” as my major on all of my college applications. I reached out to Parthiv, I came for my interview, and shortly after, was accepted to work at eLaunchers for the summer.

On my very first day, I didn’t quite know what to expect but what happened was something different all together. At first, one of the other interns taught me a couple things and I was playing around with ClickFunnels (a funnel designer website). Parthiv comes in and asks if we can go for a walk. I am slightly confused but agree. We walk on the paths around the office and we talk about what I want to get from this internship. I know that in order to get a job in the future, I need marketable skills. I want to make myself appealing to employers so I ask Parthiv for one hard skill to take away and put on my resume. He agrees.

We come back to the office and I finish up my first day. Over the next few weeks I spend time trying out different aspects of the business world. I work on some profit and loss statements, make calls to prospective clients, and build out some funnels. It wasn’t until a month or so into the internship that we found my calling. Parthiv had given me a book that eLaunchers had published to skim through and while I was reading it, I found some spelling and grammatical errors. Not wanting the errors to reflect poorly on the company, I brought them to Parthiv’s attention. He was impressed that after only two minutes with the book, I had already found things wrong with it. He saw potential for me to become a copywriter and we ran with it.

Soon after that encounter, I was writing the manuscripts for books, blog posts, and mini-chapters. Parthiv and I developed a process. We would schedule time to meet. Then, I would bring my laptop and take notes while he would record the conversation and talk to me about the topics we wanted to cover in the book/chapter/post. I would then take the recording and my notes and create a story out of it. That is how I came to write the manuscripts for three books, over 80 blog posts, and various other pieces of content.

This was an invaluable experience because as I was writing, I was able to learn about finance, copywriting, marketing concepts, and other business principles. Once I started producing real content, my unpaid internship turned into a paid job with a position as a copywriter. My journey has now ended a year later as I am now leaving for college but working at eLaunchers was a great experience for me. I am grateful to the eLaunchers team for their support throughout my time at the company. I hope that you have an enjoyable experience and learn a lot here, just like I did!

If you want to become part of the eLaunchers family, click below to work with us and if you are interested in an internship, see our internships tab!

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