Does A Small Business Really Need Automation?

Posted by eLaunchers on Aug 16, 2022 1:24:24 PM


As a startup, automation might seem like overkill and contrary to your excellent roll-up-your-sleeves attitude towards growing your business. You don’t need automation for serving one client, but you do need automation for hundreds of other aspects that will grow your business. So, yes, even a startup needs automation. Here’s why:

Why Do I Need Automation?

You’re smart and talented, so delegate time-consuming tasks to digital ‘staff’ and focus on using your “smarts” to strategize, grow your business and seek market opportunities.

Your business accuracy will increase and be more accessible, making you a more agile and effective business owner. Consider these automation options.

CRM Leads Tracking And Nurturing

CRM (customer relationship management) automation tracks leads, which is vital for your growth, early customer engagement, and organization of your information. You will know when prospects are “looking in your shop window”, make more clients happy and be more effective in communications. 

Quotes & Follow Up

If you are using Excel for quotes, stop now! Quoting automation speeds up quoting, reduces errors, and automatically follows up on your behalf. It’s another digital staff member.

Online Scheduling For A Service Business

If you are selling services, then automation is vital! Manually creating and coordinating schedules devours days. Save time as your digital staff member manages schedules, avoids errors, handles adjustments, and messages everyone. It can be linked to your CRM.

Automated Email & Text Marketing

Email marketing still leads the marketing world, but automation is crucial for ROI (return on investment). You can design an email campaign in minutes, personalize each email, and automate sending and follow-ups based on customer buying behavior. 

Form Automation

When you automate your website forms, you speed up responses to clients, and it can personalize the response using the information submitted or CRM info. It also updates your CRM. It also activates other automation like Google Ads, special offers, etc. More digital staff members!

Automated Onboarding

A client onboarding process for new clients is repetitive, so you should automate it. The efficiency and accuracy improve the brand experience for the client, removes errors, and can link to your CRM. This is one of the first automations you should consider.


Manually grouping leads, prospects, and clients in Excel is open to error, a huge waste of time, and makes the info strategically inaccessible. Automation creates tailored, niche messages to people that will boost engagement and sales. 

Feedback And Reviews

Reviews are an important part of digital life nowadays. Businesses without reviews lose the trust of the visitor immediately. Marketing and workflow automation will ask for a review at buying or payments stages. You can use spot surveys and offer feedback channels to enhance relationship nurturing.


Now that you have a whole digital ‘team’ supporting you in the background, you can go out and conquer the market! 

If you need help automating your business, contact eLaunchers for a free first consultation or demo!

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