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How’s your content creation and distribution going? I’ve been working on ensuring my blog content is fresh, varied, and consistent. In the past, it was catch as catch can, never sticking to a schedule. But in the past several months I’ve found a way to ensure the content we at eLaunchers posts is relevant, timely, and engaging. Our readership is up because we are creating and distributing high-quality content on a regular basis. 

loving contentOn Tuesday and Thursday each week a new blog post hits the net.  And, we’re receiving accolades from peers and readers alike. Although I wish they would comment more than calling me on the phone, but I’ll take what I can. 

When was the last time you went blog surfing only to find one site after another with what I like to call “canned vomit.”  You know, the same content regurgitated into another, quite similar version of something you just read the other day.

An article must be fresh with original copy, or at least an original take on something that is trending put out by someone much more in the know than the creator; curating. What a lot of bloggers get wrong however, is to actually repost an entire article from someone else to make it look like they are a guest writer on their site. That’s bull hockey.


Here’s something novel.  I was listening to Dan Kennedy’s “Personality in Copywriting” 2 CD set, and it dawned on me. That’s what a lot of the regurgitators lack. They’re too busy trying to be a

copynerd - dan kennedy

 “Me Too” only not a part of that movement. They’re trying to fake authority by mimicking others like they’re in the know. 

Sure, you can write on a serious topic with a light and friendly voice. It doesn’t have to sound like it came from a writer with a master’s degree to be engaging.  Take my blog. Does it look like a librarian just cranked out two blogs a week? I don’t think so.

Just to be clear, writing copy is not only the written word. It’s the words and actions crafted to get a message across to someone. It might be a script for a video, podcast, an ad, a direct mail piece, a blog article, or even smoke signals (if you can speak smoke).  Copy is copy, and it comes in many forms.

Well, enough, jibber-jabber. I guess you came here for some advice and counsel on creating content and getting it out there to be consumed.  Here’s my take on the subject.

Crafting the Message  - It begins with your target audience – who the heck are they, anyway? If you have more than one audience or niche fraction, are you directing your messaging right at them? Will it resonate? Is it engaging, timely, and help address some need or desire you KNOW exists?

One of the things I have learned to get better at is spelling and grammar. As English is NOT my native tongue, it has been years and years of evolution to write well. I still have to remind myself when speaking to refine my speaking before getting in front of people that are not my Indian contemporaries.  

Make the content high-image and clear – One thing I know I needed help with is using imagery in my postings. 

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you more than likely noticed that we’re including several pictures for every blog article. This is another tip that helps keep the attention of the viewer. I like to add images that reinforce the point of the paragraph or section of the article to break up the copy, but also to add a bit of visual “candy.”

The other thing I am working on is breaking down sub-topics into bite-sized paragraphs, so those that skim for quick reading get bored or out of sorts if it’s all run-on sentences and big paragraphs. That’s been my toughest challenge, and I still fight over it. In fact, I am having my books professionally edited to break up all those run-on sentences and inadvertent grammatical errors.  I plan to update the information and re-release them hopefully by the end of the 4th quarter, or early 2020.


It’s More Than Article Writing – I’m not shy when it comes to being in the public eye. In fact, I’ll share integrated marketing strategymy expertise anytime I get the chance. I don’t try to pretend, you get what you expect, and what you pay for.  So, the camera is perfectly okay with me. After all, I am the brand, even more than the brand name.  Clients hire me because I’m me; I’m unpretentious.  What I’m trying to say is that video is another excellent way to get your content out into the world. I’ve recently been interviewed by Nick Loise for both the No B.S. podcast, but another one for the Direct Marketing Association.  I loved the format of getting messages out.  How about mixed media? How about part article supported by video? Or podcast excerpt?   That’s what I plan on introducing sometime in the first quarter of 2020. More video and a podcast. Look for both of those.

Calls To Action are Key – Every marketing asset you produce and distribute must have a CTA.  Telling your audience is essential. People want to be told what to do next. Otherwise, they are left with the decision to move on or walk away.  Place cross-links to other articles, podcasts or even a link to videos that are complementary to the topic. 

Also, make sure you ask them to subscribe to  your newsletter (you do create a monthly print newsletter, don’t you, in addition to a digital format?)

giftsShare - Don’t Sell – My personal philosophy aligns perfectly with Dan Kennedy’s. Gifts first, making a friend is the best way to develop a relationship. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy, that’s a proven fact. Hands down, the most engaging content delivers value.  Helping others without the pitch is a most welcome and refreshing change from the typical “buy from me because I need you to buy from me” type of blog and social post.

Your current and prospective clients or patients are looking for value, and have decided to visit your message.  Do you wish they would make a habit of following you, accepting your emails and responding when you ask?  Of course, you do, so don’t foul it up.

Push to Social – We use HubSpot to distribute our articles a few minutes after posting to our blog.  It’s a great way to automate the task with no effort at all.  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are currently supported with automation, but you can also manually post to other sites like YouTube, Quora, Tumblr, Digg, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest.  Obviously, you might not post everything to all of these, but you can create snippets and share them.

A Parting Note - I recently established a copywriting service to those marketers (within No B.S. as well as my client base) who can’t seem to get it done for themselves.  There, a shameless to the masses. I hope that’s okay.


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