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COPY WRITING: Who Should Be Your Scribe?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 22, 2018 9:06:04 AM

Parthiv Shah


You want ROI (Return on Investment)? I don't give you an ROI. I am a systems and process guy. I am a 'technology overhead'. I am a delivery system to deliver your message to your prospect. I automate the process of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, at scale.

What gives you ROI is the actual message. It is a copywriter's job to articulate your message and deliver your value proposition to your market. It is the copywriter who will give you an ROI on your investment in his fees, my fees and all other marketing expenses. I can not take credit for your growth, nor I can be blamed for the lack of it.

A copywriter is not just a scribe, a copywriter is also the 'deal scientist'. Working with the data scientist the copywriter works on arts and linguistics of your marketing mix while the rest of the marketing machine works on time, data and money.

Without the technology, web, data and graphics, the 'raw copy' just stays in the strategy binder and does not get launched. Without effective copy, the implementation will be ineffective.

We have the persuasive framework and structure in place that guides the copy writer to follow a certain choreography for writing copy. If you are using an existing swipe file and simply swiping it for your business, you will work with a swipe file customization expert at eLaunchers.com. We have studied hundreds of swipe files and created a proprietary process that we follow when we swipe and deploy someone's swipe file. Swipe and Deploy is part art and part science and only experienced swipe file customization expert can do justice to swiping a good swipe file.

Our copy world is made up of three types of copy writers. At the top, we have Dan Kennedy who is available for counsel, copy critique and copy writing for appropriate projects. For conquest/sales copy writing and prospect facing conversion copy writing we have our copy club, which has copy chiefs and copy cubs.

Three expert copy chiefs, Russell Martino, Doberman Dan and Tony Pollicci lead the copy club at eLaunchers.com. A team of copy cubs report to the copy chiefs, doing majority of research work and writing work under expert guidance of the copy chiefs. Copy for funnels and Product Launch Formula (PLF) can be written exclusively by copy chiefs without any assistance from copy cubs, if priced appropriately.

We have an in house scribe/copy writer who serves as a copy concierge and swipe file administrator who can help you identify the appropriate swipe file and assist you in swiping the content.

For prolific trust building content for inbound marketing, we depend on editorial team. This team writes copy for web site, blogs, articles and social media.

Even if you are not going to write your own copy, it pays to think like a copywriter. If you are trained to write copy, you will be familiar with the process, the structure and framework of writing copy and therefore you will be able to provide good raw material to the copywriters. If you are hiring a copywriter for the first time, the experience will be painful for you and the copywriter and the quality of work will suffer.

Therefore, we encourage our clients to educate themselves on the process of writing copy and actually do SOME copy.

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