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Posted by Richard Bueckert on Sep 1, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Have you ever had someone ask you for a referral for a product or service that they were already buying? "You talk about how your back pain has gone away. Who is YOUR chiropractor?" They ask this even though you know they're a patient at a different chiropractor. Or maybe "Where are you getting your car serviced?" by your sister that always goes back to the dealership for "genuine factory service". The point is that these are examples of people that already have a service or product advisor yet they are asking for a new recommendation. Why?


Simply put, very few buyers stay with their product or service provider forever (the exception might be the Green Bay Packers season ticket holders) so you should be ready for that by regularly placing your messages in front of the patients, clients, and customers of other businesses like yours. But how do you do that?


Hyper-Local Geotargeting and Geofencing is the solution. First, some background...


You're probably aware that every smartphone on Earth (including yours) has built-in GPS and transmits your location 24/7. All your location data is recorded and stored anonymously. 


Business owners like you have access to that data which means you can put YOUR message on the phone of every person that entered your competitor's place of business in the past 12 months.


Let that sink in... 


EVERY phone that ENTERED your COMPETITOR'S business.


Yes, it's bordering on creepy. But unless they've bought a new phone (which has a different, unique digital serial number), you can show the owner of that phone YOUR MESSAGE.


Here's all you need to do:


First, get the physical location of your 5 to 10 nearest competitors.


Second, create "ads" that speak to your potential customers. Messages like "Need a second opinion?" or "We treat our patients like our best friends" delivered at the right moment can really make the phone ring.


Third, launch the campaign.


Now you might be wondering - "This sounds awesome but how expensive is it?" Obviously, it depends on the business but a local auto repair shop had 2 record back-to-back years during COVID with a campaign that was under $1500/month! You can get a copy of the case study HERE


All businesses experience turnover of patients, clients, or customers. Most businesses do nothing to recover these "lost" buyers which means that for an aggressive local competitor, these are "ripe pickings of low-hanging fruit". Don't let these "last buyers" go to your competitors when you could be picking them up as easily as reaching down and picking up a gold coin off the street!


The business that stays in front of these people when they are ready to make a move will be the winners almost every time. In fact, the ONLY time you won't prevail is when the prospect has been given a strong personal referral from a trusted friend, family member, or co-worker. Outside of them, you will almost always get a shot at capturing this person and adding them to YOUR list of happy buyers.

Want to know more about how Hyper-Local Geotargeting works? Learn more HERE.

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