Buy a Damned Stamp Already…

Posted by eLaunchers on May 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Just the other day one of my clients called me to ask for some help with a marketing problem he was having.


He has an online business.  He sells physical products that are consumable, and he uses email to resell, cross sell, and upsell his customers. 


The problem is that his open rates have been steadily dropping for 7 or 8 months.  He has tried hiring copywriters, he tried writing himself…


No matter what he did, the open rates kept dropping.


He knows that I deal with tens of millions of emails a year and work with some of the best email marketers and copywriters in the business…


So, he wanted to see if I had any advice.


What I told him shocked him.  At first - he was VERY resistant…


He pushed back hard.


“I’m not going to do that.  Do you know how much that would COST!”


“If you do it right it won’t cost you a penny.  It will make you money.”


“Look Pathiv, don’t give me that worn out old sales would cost 6 figures to mail my list!”


“Well first you have to spend the money to mail them.  But as I said, if you do it right it will not cost you a penny.  You will get it back and more when you make sales. Also, there is no requirement that you mail everyone. In fact, I advise against it.”


That’s right, I told him he should buy a damned stamp already


Anyway, to cut to the chase…


I used my legendary persuasion skills to convince him to do the mailing.  It did not hurt that I have mailed over a billion pieces of direct mail, so I am an absolute expert in the field. 


We did a test mailing, then rolled the rest of the list over 3 more mailings to different segments.


In all four mailings he made money.  The least successful one of the 4 mailings he made $2 in profit for every $1 in mailing cost.


And that was the worst one.


Even better…


His email open rate started going up as soon as people got the mail.  Just to be clear, we tracked rates for those who got mail and those who didn’t.


The increased open rates were only for those who got the letter in the mail. 


Remember to track your data. Remember to test before wholesale mailing. And, especially in these interesting times when were mostly at home, people love to see something new and creative.


Would you like to learn more about how to apply this to your business? Click the link below to schedule a call with me.


Until next time,



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