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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Aug 31, 2021 12:12:58 PM

Parthiv Shah

The most critical information in your business is knowing your buyer. Who are they? What do they buy? Why do they buy? What must they see, read, hear, and feel before, during, and after they buy? Critical information you need to know about your buyer determines how you will create a compelling and profitable user experience.


“Dangling the carrot only works if the person WANTS a carrot.”


 John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing


BRENT uses a proprietary “four crystal method” to determine your list research which falls into four areas:

  • Customer persona, a fictional character you create that represents your customer type, e.g., married couples, aged 35-45, conservative, two children, and university-educated in professional occupations.
  • Market segmentation – categorize your list into segments based on demographics, geography, behavior, personality traits, values, interests, attitudes and lifestyles. 
  • Analytics/data science – the methods used to record, store, and analyze usage and provide insightful data.
  • Database marketing principles - such as customer lifetime value (CLV), recency, frequency, and monetary analysis (RFM), customer communications, websites, emails, loyalty programs, predictive models, testing and controls, among many other predictors.


Crystal 1: Data Sphere

Getting to know your customers involves collecting points of information/data about their needs, wants and desires. Those data points form data strings, creating the datasheet, which provides a complete buyer persona. Your data sphere should allow you to look at your customer and customer experience from every point simultaneously, which gives you a spherical view of your database.


Crystal 2: Data Pyramid

Not all customer relationships are created equally. Some are more valuable than others. BRENT has developed a proprietary formula based on a customer evaluation money pyramid. The pyramid has two sections. The bottom section is 80% of your customers, who are broke or struggling. The top of the pyramid represents the more well-off 20%. 

 The 20% beaks into three additional sections; 15% of your customers who earn a good living, 4% who are prosperous, and 1% at the tip of the pyramid who are rich. Once you know where your customer lands on the pyramid spectrum, you can determine how much energy you want to put into that relationship. This method concentrates your efforts on the customers who are most valuable to you and eliminates everyone else. 


Crystal 3: Data Prism

Now that you know who should be on which level of your money pyramid, you can create the processes that place your customers on specific pyramid spectrums. Just as a prism takes white light and separates it into a prism/rainbow of colors, a data prism takes universal data and slices it into segments. Individual segments give you knowledge of who, when, where, and what to focus your marketing energy on for the most profitable results.


Crystal 4: Data Cube

The data cube is your digital real estate on the web. It includes your prospects, clients, and influencers. Because they interact with your technology asynchronously, it is called a “touchless sales environment.” Your data cube must consist of sophisticated technology that connects your website, blog, landing pages, and sales funnels to your CRM to automate the sales/marketing process. Touchless technology seamlessly choreographs your user experience from welcoming, dispensing personalized content to nurturing, indoctrinating, and monitoring their consumption. Once the customer data assimilates, they know, like, and trust you and are ready for their first conversation with your sales team or can be placed in your automated nurture program.


BRENT’s four crystal method identifies your buyer persona, divides customers into most and least valuable, analyzes and segments their data, and automates/connects touchless technology for a powerful and magnetic customer experience.

Identifying and segmenting your buyer list will ensure your marketing process creates an effective and profitable user experience.

 parthiv shah


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