7 Free Keyword Research Tools to help you get into your customers head

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Keywords - Closeup Landing Page in Doodle Design Style on Laptop Screen. On Background of Comfortable Working Place in Modern Office. Toned, Blurred Image. 3D Render.To bring your website to the top of the search engine’s pages, you need to find the top high-volume keywords. In short, you need to know which word, or combinations of words people are using to search for your business. As a business owner, you are tasked with performing client services, hiring and training staff, and dealing with clients and client issues. Keyword research may be yet one more task you haven’t budgeted time, skill, or dollars for. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own, since there are some excellent keyword research tools to help.

7 free keyword research tools to get your keyword search kickstarted

  1. Identifying trends - would you like to know when most patients get their teeth cleaned? When do parents typically bring their children in for health visits? What time of year has the least amount of patient visits? Trends are beneficial in any business. That’s why this tool is great for helping you pinpoint your regional business trends and for gaining insight into your business’ seasonal fluctuations.  Check out  Google trends.
  2. Phrase match- since many people search by phrases, Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer is a valuable tool for long-tail (multiple word) searches.
  3. Public questions - wondering what questions your clients ask about specific services or products? Answer the public finds public questions, comparisons and related searches. After entering your keywords, you can either download the beautiful image of your keyword questions (see below image)  or a CSV file.
    Answer the public
  4. Keyword Threads - Reddit is a network of communities, based on people’s interests. Keyworddit mines Reddit titles and threads of up to 500 keywords. If you’re clueless about your niche, Keyworddit is a fabulous place to begin.
  5. Is there really any other more powerful godlike keyword research tool than Google? Google has developed yet another keyword tool. This one is called “people also ask” which is a little bit like Amazon’s “frequently bought together” generator. If you click any question, Google will generate more questions. Google also differentiates between searches in informational and buying modes.
  6. To unearth keyword gems and their probable variations from multiple sources, Rank Tracker will get the job done.
  7. For those who like to do their keyword analysis while browsing Google, Bing or YouTube, Keywords Everywhere displays an embedded box on the right side of the page, so you can create a keyword list without leaving Bing, YouTube or Google.

To bring your website to the top of the search engine list as well as the top of people’s minds, choosing the right keywords plants the root structure for your SEO campaign. Although this is not a comprehensive list of all free keyword research tools, it will provide a base point when you’re starting out.  Loading up your SEO toolkit with some of these no cost, easy to use  keyword research tools will teach you the basics. As your business and knowledge grow, you can invest in paid tools to keep your business competitive.


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