6 Business Strategy Mistakes on "Vision"

Posted by Stephen E. Roulac, Phd on Jan 3, 2020 4:50:57 PM

Stephen E. Roulac, Phd


1 Lack of Vision
Some enterprises operate without a vision.

Lack of vision may reflect a nose-to-the-grindstone approach to business. The
involvement in the here and now is so intense, so all-consuming, that larger possibilities
are given little thought. The company figuratively keeps putting one step in front of
another, without consideration of what might be possible or desirable. Without a vision,
what might be accomplished with a vision is unlikely to be accomplished.

Lack of a vision is mistake.

2 Limited Vision
Some companies develop visions that are limited.

A limited vision is often the result of limitations imposed by the company’s present
resources and circumstances, or by the company’s limited view of what is possible. The
primary purpose of a vision is to consider what could be, if current constraints,
perceptions, circumstances and resources were relaxed or even removed. An expansive
vision can, in itself, provide the inspiration and ultimately the means towards realization.
But if the vision is limited, the prospects of achieving a grander vision will be neither
considered nor realized.

A limited vision is a limiting vision, and is a mistake.

3 Trophy Vision
Some companies, knowing that vision is what they are expected to have, develop a trophy

A trophy vision serves the objective of impressing others rather than motivating those
within the company. Trophy vision is designed more for “show” than for “go.” A vision
should reflect resonance with the people who are going to pursue it—not be designed to
impress others. Although a company’s vision may, in fact, be impressive to others, that

outcome should be a byproduct of the vision that serves the company’s aspirations, and
not the primary emphasis of the vision.

A trophy vision, intended to impress others rather than to serve the company, may be a

4 Searching for New Vision When It Is Not Really Needed
In recent years, the importance of vision has been strongly emphasized.

Often, when a new leader assumes the chief executive officer position, that individual
may advocate the need for a new vision. But sometimes, a new vision may be
inappropriate, distracting, or worse. When Lou Gerstner became CEO of IBM, he
proclaimed that the last thing that IBM needed was a new vision. Rather, he asserted,
IBM should concentrate on doing its basic business.

To emphasize a new vision when that is not what is really needed can be a mistake.

5 Championing Vision at the Expense of Validation
In recent years, business publications and management journals have been fixated on

As important as vision is to a company, if there is no validity behind the vision, all may
be for naught. Validity behind the vision takes care to ensure that there is credibility,
reality, and reliability—along with the high-sounding vision. To succeed, you need vision
and validation, high-octane ideas and high-level performance, motivating aspirations and
pragmatic substance.

To champion vision but forget about validation is a mistake.

6 Not Knowing Where You Are Going
There is a saying that if you do not know where you are going, any road will take you

Many companies are apparently just meandering along “any road.” One might conclude
that many companies do not know where they are going. When a company is not very
explicit and directed in the path it is pursuing, it is quite possible the company is not very
clear about its ultimate destination.

Not knowing where you are going can be a mistake.


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