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Conversion Tools: Chair Side Marketing

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 1:07:25 PM


Each Chair Side Marketing Brochure is a stand‐alone sales presentation. It makes no difference which one a prospect reads, the conclusion will be the same; YOU are the only person it makes any sense at all to do business with.

7 Excuses for Not Getting …

This brochure is for someone who is 'on the fence but want to think about whether or not they should do it'. Chances are they will give you one of the seven typical excuse for not accepting your offer now. If so, you now have something in writing that you can put in front of them, talk about it and hopefully address their concern. If they remain unconvinced, they are going to walk out of your office with an educational brochure that addresses their specific reason why they did not do business with you.

10 Quality Standards

This brochure is helpful when someone is doing comparison shopping between you and your arch rival. Your quality standards are your statement of pride, your differentiation factors and your matter of pride. While these may be the normal industry standards, the fact that you have them written out and printed out shows your commitment to excellence.

Practitioner's Bio

This brochure is helpful when you are justifying your price when you are not the least expensive option. Here you talk about your academic credentials, your experience and WHY IT MATTERS.


This is a risk reversal piece that addresses their fear of commitment and your standard protocol on what you will do when something goes wrong. The statement of guarantee does not unnecessarily expose you to risk of refund, on the contrary, it defines rules of engagement that one can refer back to when situation is adverse. A well written guarantee will limit or restrict your exposure and define what you will and will not do when things do not go well. Besides being a protective document, this piece is also a 'comfort blanket' for the client to cling to as they take the leap of faith and decide to do business with you.

Kind Words

This is yet another version of a testimonial brochure, where you have hand‐picked pictures and captions of kind words said about you and your business by your actual clients. As you display this brochure, you talk about stories, what you have done to win someone's heart and then gently ask 'what do I have to do to win your heart so I can put a quote from you in this booklet’. Answer to this question will do two things: One, it will future pace the prospect to a point in life where they have already made the

purchase and they are happy with the result, and second, it gives them an opportunity to define their happiness and win condition so you know exactly how to make them happy.

Mistakes People Make

When a prospect is comparing you to the wrong option or commoditizes your deliverables or presents an inappropriate alternative to your recommendation, you do not want to engage in an arm wrestle with them about how they are wrong. You want to start with, 'I hear that a lot. Unfortunately, while it feels like the prudent approach, it is not appropriate in your situation. We have this discussion so many times, we actually have created a brochure that specifically talks about mistakes people make when they are in the market for         .

Smile Booklet

This is yet another version of testimonial brochures, this one is a collection of pictures of people smiling, after they have gone through your process. Here you describe the transformational stories. This is NOT a place to display 'before and after' pictures. This is a booklet that celebrates triumph and victory.

What to Expect

Some people are going to be anxious about what is going to happen once they make a commitment to buy from you. Most people in engineering and clinical profession are likely ask you for a detailed description of step by step chronology and a visual, sequential workflow of what will happen & when. If you do not have a written 'what to expect' document, the conversation will turn to the client dictating the rules of engagement and talk about how they want things to go if they give you their money.

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Conversion Tools: Case Presentation Package

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 1:04:13 PM

While 'Shock and Awe' package is sent to prospect prior to the appointment, the case presentation package is handed to them on arrival and it is used as a conversation prop in the meeting. A digital version of case presentation is created for online meetings. All elements of case presentation package are housed in a 6 x 9 clear plastic envelope.

Audio CD or Video DVD

You can write your own script or hire an expert copywriter to develop script for an Audio CD or a Video DVD. (Copywriter's fees are not included in the fix fee implementation package price.) Once the audio CD is created it can be re-purposed in a video using technology like EasyVSL.com. Typically done as an interview, this is an important element of a case presentation package. The client/patient walks out with the case presentation package whether or not they buy. If they bought your recommended service, this CD/DVD serves as a tool to handle buyer remorse. If they walk out without buying (Appointment no sale) this audio or audio visual element is designed to bring them back for a follow on appointment where you can answer their questions. Frequently asked questions are answered. Objections are handled. And the prospect will have a clear understanding of what they need, what they get and why you are the right choice for them.

Check or Gift Voucher

It is a gift voucher with a face value of substantial amount of money (for example $250) to be used as a gift towards the treatment/program you are presenting. This tells the client that this will be a sizable purchase, today is the day they will be buying and here is a small token of appreciation for spending time with us. This is money in their pocket that they can spend on YOU.

Letter to customer

This is a champion letter from YOU to your customer/patient thanking them for their interest in the specific treatment or program you are selling. It starts with "Congratulations, I am glad you too this step…


A Post Card is an 'executive summary document' that describes the benefits of the treatment or program you are proposing. This is visual representation of their life AFTER they go through what you are proposing.

Step By Step Guide

This is a step‐by‐step PROCESS FLOWCHART that details exactly what to expect during the entire process of doing business with you. The purpose is to future‐pace the prospect and get them to see themselves working with you, to set expectations, to define rules of engagement, and more.

Treatment / service options:

In this multi‐page booklet describes (with pictures, illustrations and text) various options the client has available. Options are important. If you don't give them enough options to pick through, they will seek 2nd opinion from someone else and see if YOU are the right option. By giving them option, you are helping them SHOP for their options and make a choice within a controlled environment.

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