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Remember the time when blogs were scarce and special? Yeah, me too. It's hard to deny that those times are gone forever – now blogging is as usual and mundane as morning coffee for some. The age of unlimited digital information forces us to become better writers and storytellers to promote our work and make money!

The key factor in the success of your blog (aside from the blog’s content) is CTA or call to action. A call to action presents the Customer with an option and diverts them into following the marketing path created by your marketing team.


Blogs that include a CTA allow new readers to subscribe to your business to build your client base. There is a variety of CTAs you can include in your blog post; some are placed at the end to increase conversion, others are included in the blog text or are linked to additional blog content, and some are placed on the side of the blog. The fundamental CTAs are:


  • Social Media CTAs

Effective use of a CTA is to connect your business with social media. If someone likes your business and your content, they'll probably be interested in future content. Your business can post content on social media that readers can follow by creating a CTA in each social media channel. By simply clicking a button, they can follow you.


  • Blog Subscriptions CTAs

If readers like your blog posts, they can subscribe to your posts by email, alerting them when you post new content. By filling out a simple form with a name/email address, visitors are added to your subscriber base.


  • Comment CTAs

Many blogs encourage their readers to share their thoughts and opinions on their articles. Your CTA can say, "share your thoughts about this blog," or you can ask them a question on a specific topic from your blog. A comment CTA encourages reader interaction and nurtures the relationship.


  • In-Line CTAs

A call to action doesn't have to be a button; it can also be as simple as a link within your article that provides additional information on a specific topic. The link serves the same purpose as a button by directing people to act.


I hope that list helped you to use the appropriate CTA for your business. Thanks for reading! Don’t hesitate to contact me and my team if you have any questions on this topic.

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