What is wrong with your salesFunnel?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 30, 2018 4:38:09 PM

Parthiv Shah

what is wrong with your sales funnel


Success is Not An Accident. It takes measured efforts to get measurable results.

 Shortcomings of Traditional sales funnel: In a traditional sales funnel, you spend money to drive qualified traffic to the top of your sales funnel and prospects ‘drop off’ as you lead them through the qualifying and closing process. The problem is, people don’t always behave in the sequence you plan. Therefore, there is tremendous pressure on your prospect and on your sales force to quickly and efficiently ‘go through your process’ so they can either buy something or leave your ecosystem. This causes loss of valuable data.Capture, Communicate, Convert: In the marketing model, the focus is on capturing information from the prospect, using the information to communicate with the prospect and converting the prospect into a buyer in a mini-transaction very quickly. For example, if your customer is a builder, don’t sell them a house… sell them a book of blueprints. The idea here is asking for a micro-commitment from the client. Before you go into an elaborate sales pitch, ask the client for a small commitment, a small amount of money to make them a ‘customer’. Once a prospect becomes a customer you can deliver them what you promised, learn more about their real needs, establish trust, identify an opportunity to solve their problem using your solution and usher them through your ascend ladder. The big idea is to make the relationship profitable no matter where the prospect lands on your ascend ladder.

Segmentation & Profiling: When your list is wrong, nothing else matters! The list is ‘the thing’ in your business. We need to identify who your clients are, who your sweetest clients are and what you can do to clone them. As a part of our concepts and strategy session we will have a deep, meaningful conversation about your existing customers, lapsed customers, and prospects and put them in various buckets so we can communicate with them accordingly.

Sending the right message to the right market at the right time using the right media: The big idea is to set up multiple messages and several sequences so the correct message and messaging sequence can be sent to the prospect based on the prospect’s segment and level of interest. This can be orchestrated ahead of time and automated so the prospect receives personalized communication without human intervention.

Setting up the right offer/bait for the right audience: Here the big idea is to identify various segments of your market and come up with a separate offer/bait for each segment so you can position yourself more attractively depending on which prospect you are facing.

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