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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 19, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

Your sales staff carry a heavy load. Every day they prospect to find leads, follow up on leads, score leads, send out emails, log calls, and schedule appointments. They put together sales quotes and proposals, onboard customers, record conversations and notes on prospects, and request approvals – all while staying on top of products, services, and pricing. Most of their tasks don't make them or your business any money. Non-revenue producing activities make the most sense to automate. Automating frees up your sales staff to focus their efforts on doing the things that bring in the most income.

Sales automation is software that automates mundane, repetitive tasks such as prospecting, creating and sending emails, email campaigns, updating contacts, setting up appointments, recording sales calls, and creating reports.

Let's look at a day in the life of "Bob," your sales representative.

Bob starts his day by spending a couple of hours looking for prospects on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. 

He knows his ideal customer profile and fishes through hundreds of profiles to find the most qualified prospects by industry.  

He then takes another hour to check his prospect's social media profiles to understand better who they are, what they want, and what method of communication they prefer. Once he has his list, he takes approximately 50 minutes to enter their data into his qualified leads spreadsheet manually.  

Bob's next step is to start emailing or calling. He has done this work for years, and he has an excellent telephone message and a standard introduction email. He manages to reach six people on his list of 20; four of them ask him to call/email them back on specific days/times. Bob takes 30 minutes to enter their follow-up dates and times into his online calendar. Then he spends another 40 minutes creating email follow-ups with some of his other prospects that were scheduled into his "to do" list. He documents his calls and emails in his spreadsheet which takes approximately 30 minutes.

The favorite part of his job (besides closing sales) is creating proposals and sales quotes for his hot leads. He has several bids and quotes in his databank, and he cuts and pastes information from several documents and personalizes the selections before emailing them. This task typically takes him an hour.

Bob spends the last part of his day creating sales reports for his manager, who likes to stay in the loop and adds them to his weekly sales meeting. Sales reports average 1 hour.

If we break down Bob's activities:

Prospecting 2 hours

Social media research 1 hour

Data entry 50 minutes

Emailing/phone calls 1 hour

Scheduling appointments 30 minutes

Administrative tasks 30 minutes

Quotes/proposals 1 hour

Reporting 1 hour

Total hours 7 hours 50 minutes

Total hours spent on direct sales for warm/hot leads 2 hours

Total hours spent with administrative tasks 5 hours 50 minutes.

What if Bob could flip his schedule around and spend 5 hours and 50 minutes on the activities that make him and the business the most money and only 2 hours or less on the other activities? Would that increase your profits? You bet it would!

Our unique sales system has a custom filter through LinkedIn or Sales Navigator where Bob can enter his prospect criteria. It automatically sends him the prequalified list daily, weekly, or monthly. It also pulls data from his prospect's social media profiles, CRM records, surveys, webinar participants, Facebook Lead Ads responders, and new email subscribers. Now he has a full overview of his prospect's responsibilities, company size, industry, vendors, interests, and needs. Because it automatically inputs and organizes the data in his CRM, he doesn't have to keep hundreds of spreadsheets or spend hours entering data.

Emails are a breeze with BRENT's unique sales system which can create email templates and personalize them with the prospect's name, company, and job title. It can queue up Bob's email campaign and even add tailored details to make them sound as if Bob wrote them himself.

For a follow-up, rather than wasting time emailing back and forth to find a mutually convenient time, Bob can send a calendar link to his prospect, and they schedule a time that suits them. Bob never has to worry about forgetting a call or appointment since our sales system schedules reminders. Once on a call, Bob's sales calls can be recorded, transcribed, and logged in his CRM.

Finally, with our sales system, cutting and pasting is a thing of the past. When Bob creates a quote, all the essential details such as customer information, product information, and service or product details automatically transfer to the CRM.

Bob's manager can also save time and energy with BRENT's sales system. Our CRM can create automated reports he can send to his team. Our system scores and rotates leads that he can choose to assign by territory, company size, or any other criteria he chooses.

With BRENT's unique sales system on your side, your sales staff can focus on the work that makes the most profit and "outsource" the time consuming, unprofitable tasks to our automation.

If you are a local business owner or entrepreneur looking to implement this system, 

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