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Posted by Parthiv Shah on Sep 28, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Parthiv Shah

When you started your business, a simple spreadsheet was enough to keep track of your customer information. Then you brought more staff on board. Your receptionist might have had an excellent memory and liked to store some data in her head, other information in her email files, and keep a few paper files. Your sales representative may have kept a spreadsheet. Maybe your accountant kept a stack of invoices in a file folder.


Then your business grew, and some of your original staff left your business, taking customer data with them. Adding insult to injury, the new team took longer to get up to speed because they had to mine for customer information.  


As your business grew, your staff had to spend more and more time sifting through emails, files or calling former team members to find customer information. That led to customer service falling between the cracks and getting missed or double-booked. Customer service started to look like a gong show.


Your customers were annoyed because they had to start all over again with new team members. They told you they wanted to have a relationship with your company, not a confusing assortment of shifting people and departments.


That’s the importance of storing your customer information in one place where it’s accessible to your entire team. A customer relationship management system is a system that (predictably) manages relationships with your customers. These are the challenges our unique CRM system is designed to solve for your business. BRENT’s unique CRM;


  1. Maintains a central database of your customers and customer leads
  2. Enables everyone on your team to have access to the same comprehensive customer information
  3. Provides a structured process your sales team can easily follow and tracks their productivity
  4. Integrates with the CMS


For your business to provide consistent customer service, your salespeople need to follow a dependable process aligned with your branding. Because of the complexity of current marketing funnels, you should have a reliable method for your salespeople to track where the lead originated. Customers don’t appreciate having to repeat the same information every time they talk to someone new from your business. With our CRM, your people can map the source (Facebook, Instagram, blog post), find the question or information the lead provided, and reply to the lead with information or products aligned with their wants and needs. BRENT’s CRM connects the dots in a central location.


BRENT’s unique CRM system documents every lead and interaction through your website, email, social media, phone calls, and any other channels you use. Our CRM is the brains of BRENT’s digital anatomy. It organizes customer information, sales opportunities, and company data.


The more your business scales up, the more critical it is to manage quality customer service and eliminate time and energy drains that frustrate staff and customers. BRENT’s unique CRM removes the complexity and streamlines the process for a reliable customer service experience. Staff and customers will appreciate the support and attention to detail. You’ll enjoy having BRENT take care of the planning, organizing, and business processes.


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