Types of webpages Part 1

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What is the internet? How many people interact with web content every day? How far is the moon? Let’s not try to answer these hard questions today but concentrate on a hands-on approach to marketing on the web.

Where would be a good place to start?

Website pages. These are the digital spaces where all of us spend countless hours interacting with others, working, shopping, consuming and more. So it's natural that it would be beneficial to review types of web pages that will sell your service.

There are 5 main types of web pages that we will be reviewing. These are cold, warm, hot, offer and home pages. Let’s dive into what differentiates these types of resources and why they are of any interest to us.


Cold Pages

The cold page is a web page that you send traffic to where the prospect is both unaware of the problem and your solution. This is the beginning of the buyer journey. On this page, the purpose is to educate the prospect about the problem and also introduce them to how your product or service can solve that problem.


Ideally, there should be something on the cold page that will allow you to collect a name and an email, or other contact information, so that you can continue to communicate with them after this interaction.


You want to connect with them regularly, offer more information that explains how their problem could be solved with your product or service and answer questions they have.


Warm Pages

At this point, the prospect knows who you are, and is beginning to see you as a trusted source. The warm page will generally get more engagement and starts to position you as an expert trusted source that they can rely on to get answers to their questions. You will be sought out to solve whatever problem it is that they're having.


Warm pages can typically offer longer content. For example, this might be where you offer a 30 minute or longer recorded webinar because, at this point, they are already seeking the solution that you provide for their problem.


Hot Pages

The hot page is for the prospect that is ready to buy. By the time someone gets to this page, it should be just a question of whether they want to buy your product or service versus another vendor or supplier’s solution, or bother doing anything at all. This is where you need to be sure that you're answering all the questions that they possibly have.


Make sure that the testimonials that are on the page are relevant to the thought process that got them to the page in the first place. Everything on the hot page needs to be congruent, meaning the entire page is written in a way that finishes the narrative that is playing in their mind so that they see your product or service as the solution to the problem that they are experiencing.


If you answer all the objections that they could have, you position yourself as being the only logical choice. The hot page truly is where the rubber meets the road.


Make sure to look out for part 2 of my webpage type breakdown. Meanwhile, you should participate in a little exercise – give some thought about your own online purchasing habits.


Try to identify how you’ve been led to the purchase of a product, practice in investigating what advertisement, information capture forms, tracking devices were used on your internet avatar to ensure completion of the purchase.


You can even pretend that you’re a part of some cool marketing research investigation. Feel free to write down your findings – you will be surprised how much that information can help you understand how to advertise online.


If we can help you on setting up your site, please let us know.

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