Trust Trumps All Part One(from your mother-in-law to your physician)

Posted by David J Dunworth on Jun 18, 2019 11:02:49 AM

Trust Trumps All

Part One

(from your mother-in-law to your physician)

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TRUST is one of those things that the entire world hinges on.  Trust trumps all, and that includes when your mother-in-law professes her undying love for you.

I happen to have been lucky in that regard albeit the exception to the rule.  Alice was indeed a person that loved me, and I her.  She trusted me to always be there, and I trusted her to mind her own business.  She used to say that “she loved me more than she did her own kids.” Sometimes. My sister-in-law Joanie and I were two of her all-time favorites, despite the fact that neither of us were blood relatives. She trusted us to take care of all the stuff the world required of us concerning her, her family, her grandchildren, her life as she knew it. We trusted her to support our efforts in raising her grandchildren well. We trusted each other and didn’t disappoint.

TRUST is the over-arching element in all of our waking moments, even when we’re not awake for that matter.  Let’s dissect this statement to show its validity, shall we?


  • The sun will rise each morning, will cross the sky, and set every evening
  • The stars in the heavens will shine until they shoot across the sky (not come crashing to Earth)
  • Our family will love us regardless of the typical squabbles, disagreements, and petty arguments
  • The economy will run along well enough for us to live in the same manner we did yesterday
  • The rules of engagement in business will not deviate beyond that to which we are accustomed
  • Our friends will not betray us at the first opportunity, that we can depend on them when in real need
  • Acts of terror will not invade our local community
  • If acts of terror invade our shores we would prevail because we as a nation are on the side of justice
  • That people are inherently good, serve in our best interests and have the skills, talent, desire to do good and the integrity to know what’s best

Each of these are subjective, but we go about our every day with these trust beliefs lodged somewhere in the back of our minds, otherwise we’d be blithering idiots, like the chicken that had an acorn hit him on the head.

The sky is not falling.  But……


We Don’t TRUST:

  • That government is there for the people, and not special interests, special agendas, or for themselves
  • When we enter into a business agreement we will be treated fairly, with dignity, and sympathetically
  • Those with whom we choose to do business with will treat us with above-board business tactics, processes and serve in our best interests
  • Those who initially show integrity and trust, then betray that trust when they disrespect our belief systems and erode our respect

The interesting thing about TRUST is that it is pervasive in nature.  It’s one of those things that typically hang on a couple other personal attributes like respect, integrity, fairness, knowledge, likability.   Without at least one of those in connection with it, Trust is elusive.

Take an example out of everyday life.  You have a deep and binding trust with your children and they you.  You’ve raised them to love one another, treat people fairly, be honest and respect each other, regardless of any outside factors like race, religion, gender, etc., etc., etc. 


What happens when that trust is betrayed in some fashion? What happens when a child loses trust or faith in their parents? Or, parent with child?  Does that trust last?  Would one trust the other in serious matters of life if trivial mistrust enters the picture?  This is something to ponder, but I suspect love and the bond of family will ultimately overcome any misunderstanding, betrayal, or simple ignorance in oversight.

TRUST is one of those things that we rely on to get by in this world.  At least a limited amount of it depending on circumstances.

If your family physician is a general practitioner or internist, you trust them to serve your best interests when you come down with the flu, have a minor cut or bruise, or some other “general ailment.”  But, would you trust that same physician to perform brain surgery on your youngest child should the need arise?

Does she/he possess the knowledge and skill to perform such a serious operation?  Knowledge matched with trust can win the day, but if it isn’t present, knowledge can be the deal breaker.  It’s the same in business as in life.  Knowledge and skills must be present for us to place our trust in someone or something.

Trust is a bond between people that is almost always shattered in one way or another.  Take the ever-present “I’ll get back to you” statement that comes up constantly when discussing matters with a colleague, prospect, or client.  We inherently take that statement at face value, even though we don’t really believe the person saying it. 


false promises

It’s a generality statement that comes too easily off the tongue, only to be betrayed as soon as the thought is interrupted, distraction, or some other triviality displaces the intention.

TRUST me when I say that this is only part of the story on trust, and that you can trust me to complete it with the follow up article on the same topic.  We’re going to take a deeper look into TRUST in the workplace, with high-performing teams, as well as having our clients, customers or patients placing their trust in us, and how to actually uphold and enhance that trust. 

It’s all too easy to betray trust, and hopefully, as a result of reading and sharing this article with your friends, associates, prospects and active team members, you can take a firmer stance on one of the most valuable personal traits one can possess.

Until next time, trust in each other.  Combing your trust with knowledge, skill, talent, time, and integrity.


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