Pixel Estate: The Big Shift of Q2-2020 and Post COVID Economics

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Apr 4, 2021 11:05:29 AM

Parthiv Shah
Q2-2020 forced humanity to rapidly quarantine and continue their life from behind the screen for an extended period of time. This shifted how people feel about where they are, where they want to be and how they want to decide to patronize a business. The PLACE CHOICE MODEL has been altered forever.

FREEDOM OF PLACE CHOICE. This is one of THE MOST fundamental human desires. Every human wants the freedom to choose the PLACE they want to be at, stay at and go to. COVID curtailed our freedom of place. We are locked up in our homes and we are 'forced to work from home'.

I believe that COVID changed it for us forever. The PLACE CHOICE MODEL has been altered forever. As COVID quarantine eases up, people will become free to make their place choices under new rules of engagement. Some of the current post COVID changes about place choice will stay here for weeks, months, years and perhaps forever.

Some of the most notable changes will be in workplace population density and movement of humans as a part of business processes. Going to <____> place will now be a considerate, deliberate, well thought out decision.  The BC economy (Before COVID) as we know it is gone forever. There are new rules of engagement for human interaction with your business in AC economy (After COVID).

Here is the most profound and fundamental change COVID installed in our life without warning or giving us preparation time.

The Road to your Place Estate now goes through your Pixel Estate. Therefore, your total Real Estate Portfolio now includes your Place & Pixel Estate.
New formula is Real Estate = (Place + Pixel) Estate

There is a lot written on the subject of 'Internet being a place of built environment' and there are many parallels between the two worlds. Both were designed and built by humans of similar capabilities. Both have design, architecture, build process and dependency on common infrastructure and limitations of the building resources the owner has acquired. Let us compare your Place Estate and your Pixel Estate together and see what parallels we can draw.

eAI infographic

eLaunchers Pixel Estate Model suggests that your well appointed Pixel Estate is your campus of built environment on the web (digital footprint). A typical web presence can have 20 pages to hundreds of pages, but following pages are what we call web pages that sell. We recommend that your pixel estate includes:

  • Five Key Pages That Sell: (Key Page Flow)
    • Cold Page
    • Warm Page
    • Hot Page
      • Lead Magnet Page
    • Offer Page
    • Home Page
  • Core Lead Capture Funnels
    • Ask ____ Funnel
    • Meet ____ Funnel
    • Free Report/Lead Magnet Funnel
    • Referral Funnel
  • Squeeze pages
    • First Squeeze to capture Name, Email and Phone number
    • 2nd Squeeze to capture additional information
    • Thank you page(s)
  • Call to Action (CTA) Pages
    • Appointment pages
    • Resource library pages where they can watch videos or download documents
  • Pillar Pages (deep, long, ungated content pages delivering 'all you want to know' info
  • Blog that is an income producing asset with a Blog specific Call-to-Action: (Blog CTA)
Depending on your business situation, there will be more pages, more funnels and more functionalities.
    • Your content management platform is the infrastructure you own to keep everything in place
    • Your contact management platform is the infrastructure you own to keep everyone in place
    • Your access control mechanism welcomes, ushers and monitors people in your pixel estate
    • Your social media presence is where your pixel estate assets congregate with others

In the new COVID economy, many small businesses with $1M to $4M in revenue (and below $1M in revenue) find themselves auditing their Pixel Estate. Many are disappointed in what they see. Their Pixel Estate ambiance does not match and mirror their Place Estate investment. Many find that their Pixel Estate is built on an unstable environment not suitable for current and future rules of engagement. Many find themselves in a situation where their Place Estate resembles a well appointed five star hotel or a beautiful palace, but their Pixel Estate is a tarp or couple of tents in a war zone refuge camp.

And this is a problem HubSpot is out to solve. HubSpot provides the core infrastructure for a business owner to build a stable, well appointed Pixel Estate empire to complement your Place Estate empire. A completely coordinated single source, HubSpot becomes a gated and protected campus of infrastructure and built environment where you can build, manage and maintain your entire Pixel Estate campus on ONE PLATFORM. Hubspot becomes a PLACE in cyberspace where your Pixel Estate can conduct business with your client's Pixel Estate before your client interacts with your real estate.

Within the Hubspot built environment (Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Marketing Hub, Hubspot Sales Hub, Hubspot CMS) eLaunchers transforms your current web presence into a Pixel Estate Campus that is befitting your business.

Let us look at an example of an Extreme Web Makeover in 100 days!

This is a multi seven figure clinical practice with a great reputation in the market for clinical excellence. Patients travel from long distances and check in to a local hotel just to see the fine doctors at this establishment. A well appointed Place Estate gives patients an amazing clinical and creature comfort experience. The clinician is a highly educated individual with significant investment in continuing education. He is an avid reader, astute student and a prolific writer.

There is only one problem: Their Pixel Estate infrastructure ambiance does not match with their Place Estate.

This is one such doctor who made a non-trivial investment in rebuilding their Pixel Estate. and Hubspot welcomes this business to eLaunchers Authority Infrastructure. Let's put on our hard-hats and begin construction. (Oh wait, no hard-hats necessary. Hubspot already built everything. We are just customizing it to our taste and moving in with our assets).

dr ken vinton

vinton new web site

Do you think YOUR business could benefit from an extreme (or not so extreme) Pixel Estate makeover? What does your current Pixel Estate portfolio look like? If the road to your Place Estate goes through your Pixel Estate, is your Pixel Estate currently able  to adequately represent you? 

People ARE watching, and they are judging your competence, capacity and character based on what they see.

Can you risk being dismissed before you are understood?

Can your business survive the COVID crisis and thrive in the post COVID economy with your current Pixel Estate portfolio?

Or do you need to have a conversation about what it would take to design and build a Pixel Estate portfolio that is appropriate for your business?

I would love to have a conversation about our unique process that can help you strategize, research, prototype, build and launch your new Pixel Estate portfolio within weeks. 

What are YOU willing to put YOUR name on? 


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