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Posted by Everte Farnell on Aug 14, 2020 3:07:04 PM

Today we have a guest post from top copywriter and marketing expert, Everte Farnell.

Everte writes for some of eLauncher’s best clients, and they keep asking him to write for them because his copy converts.  

He is going to tell you a story about how he ALMOST became a legend, but missed the boat because he thought he knew better than the expert.  Enjoy.


The air was crisp, that is to say it was a COLD morning - predown.  I could barely keep my eyes open because I am a certified, dyed in the wool night owl.  Getting up at 4 am so I could be in a tree stand by 6 would normally be against my religion…

But I wanted to learn to hunt!

I had taken all the precautions, including washing with scent destroying soap that morning…

And in Florida only a fool goes out in the woods without some sort of mosquitoes repellent.  I’ve seen some of these bugs as big as hummingbirds!

That morning I had a thermacell.  A hand held device that works by covering the CO2 coming from human exhaling. (That’s how the mosquitoes find you.)

Anyway, I was in the stand trying to stay awake, an arrow knocked on my bow, waiting for a deer to walk by. 

As I sat there the sun started breaking over the horizon and the first red and gold rays started filling up the sky and breaking over the forest.  I almost lost my breathe.  To this day it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.  

My guide, and good friend, told me that this would happen.  His exact words were, “Everte, you’ve never seen anything like it.  I promise.  It’s amazing.  Just don’t get anxious. Don’t move too much, and most of all stay in the stand until I come get ya!  OK?”

Not long after the sun came up, the wildlife seemed to calm down.  I sat in the stand for what seemed like hours. 

Sitting, waiting, yawning, trying to stay awake, waiting, yawning...for what seemed like hours.  

Finally I thought, “Enough of this!  I want to go eat some breakfast.”

I climbed out of the treestand and started down the ladder.  About the time I was half way down I saw a beautiful trophy buck walk around the corner and start down the dirt road that passed right in front of my stand.  

Oh no!  Was this Prince?  He was one of those local icons.  A buck the local hunters told stories about.  One guy hit Prince with a grazing shot 3 seasons earlier, but the buck ran away and recovered.  

Every hunter who hunted these woods wanted to get Prince...but so far he had outsmarted all of them.  

I could see the scar on his right hind quarter and I knew this was Prince.  Suddenly I was worried.  I was stuck on the side of this tree and if Prince decided to try and gore me it could be my last day on Earth.  

He was huge.  Easily big enough to kill a grown man.  

We were just feet apart and Prince looked directly at me and snorted.  I was worried he might try and attack, but he just turned and bounded off into the woods.  

When Alex arrived I told him what happened.  He didn’t believe me at first, then we followed the trail into the woods.  

He shook his head and said, “if you’d’ve gotten Prince you’d be a local legend.  He is the longest living buck around here.  I know people have been talking about him for 5 years, and he was full grown at that point.  Why didn’t you just stay in the stand...5 more minutes and you’d’ve bagged him!’

Yes, Why Didn’t I Just Listen to the Expert?

We all have a tendency to ignore the experts.  Changing what we do is uncomfortable.  And when we don’t understand the process we can just discount the importance of following the plan. 

Still, once we have decided to accept someone as an expert, and especially if we are paying them, it doesn’t make sense not to follow their advice.  

Yes it’s uncomfortable.  Yes it requires that we change.  And yes, NO ONE likes to do it…

Still, if you don’t follow the advice of the experts - you risk missing that legendary status we all want to achieve.

So find your expert, then follow their advice.  Ask questions, get as comfortable as you can….

But if you are going to ignore them you are better off just wallowing where you are at and using the money you would spend on them to take a vacation or something.  

Might seem harsh of me to say…

But I have never been known as a guy who shys away from telling hard truths.  

Now Go Make Some Money!



Hope you enjoyed. And when you are ready to get your business straight and start making more money, book a call with me and we can spend 30 minutes talking about how you can hit your goals.  


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