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Kennedy Vs Sullivan! Which Dan has made more profound impact on you?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Apr 14, 2019 2:00:07 AM

Parthiv Shah


Couple of years ago Dipali and I were looking at numbers and relationships and something really interesting was revealed. We were analyzing historic revenue data to determine where most of our money came from. We went on to calculate and document this. We asked ourselves: over the last several years, from the last $5M in revenue, where did most of the money came from?

Here's what we found.

Nearly 90% of ALL our revenue came from people influenced by Dan Kennedy. That was expected. But here's what was very interesting.

From 5M, 1.4M came from 7 people. Another 1.3M came from an another 18 people. No kidding! Half of my lifetime revenue came from 25 people. And 25 out of 25 were influenced by Dan Kennedy. So 100% match. OK, that was sort of expected... after all, from 2009 on I have been attached to Dan Kennedy like a velcro.

But here's what was not expected. 23 out of 25 were also Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach) students of multiple years.

Over the years, my own clients have told me to look up Dan Sullivan, read his books and so on. Buying books is what I do so I bought a few books. My first Dan Sullivan book was "The Dan Sullivan Question". This book gave me a vocabulary to triage a situation and identify my prospect/client's win condition. Implementing the DSQ in my life brought such a profound positive change in my life. It made me shift my focus from 'what I can do for you' to 'what you want me to do for you'.

So I can't decide which Dan has made a bigger impact on me. Dan Kennedy made me a better businessman. Dan Sullivan made me a better man.

First things first, I studied Dan Sullivan from outside. Read every book I could get my hands on. Client shared with me their 'Strategic coach' notes so we can implement various things. Someone asked me to build an automated workflow on the back of Strategic Coach Scorecard template so they can use Strategic Coach score-card as a TOFU (Top Of Funnel) Activity.

Over half a dozen clients were actually dismayed that I am not a Dan Sullivan student, yet. Dude, what are you doing? Come on, jump in!

I have been meaning to experience Strategic Coach in a meaningful way but there were other prior commitments. So in 2016 I decided to join the program and paid a deposit. I could never find a start date that would work for me. There was ALWAYS a conflict. Strategic coach would not release the start days before six months and my calendar was book 24 months out. It was like aligning stars. We tried every quarter to figure this out... and it finally clicked!

On April 9th I got myself on a plane to spend my first day in Toronto to participate in Strategic Coach Signature Program.

I thought I was prepared! I read every book published by him. I read every blog. I clicked on everything clickable. I talked to everyone I know who has gone through Strategic Coach. I was personally tutored by my own clients on the concepts....

And I was still not prepared for the transformative experience of the first day at SC.

As of April 10th, I am a citizen of Sullivan nation. I instantly fell in love with this place. I am never leaving. I am committing every ounce of my being to learning all things Sullivan and implementing all things strategic coach in eLaunchers.com. I am convinced that this is going to make me a better man and eLaunchers.com a better company. The ONLY regret I have is that I wish I was here sooner.

This is going to be epic shift.

Dan Kennedy made me money.

Dan Sullivan is going to make me 'ME'.

I am super excited to embark on this journey.

I intend to chronicle my journey through blog posts. I will write book reports on every book I get my hands on. I will write about the concepts I learn, the implementation war stories, before and after pictures of my life to show effect of implementation and an honest opinion of an implementer: "what it takes to implement a Strategic Coach concept and what happens when you implement".

This is truly the next big thing in my life. My blog will journal my journey in epic detail. Thinking back, I regret I did not journal my Kennedy journey!

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