How To Create Winning Google Ads

Posted by Richard Bueckert on Aug 25, 2022 8:15:00 AM

Google ads can work well for most businesses BUT the days of cheap clicks and massive responses are long gone. Only by monitoring your ads' cost per conversion (CPC) can you decide what actions need to be taken to create winning Google ads. 


Let's start with the ugly secret - not every business can make Google ads work profitably. Sometimes the economics just won't get to where they need to be and at that point, a decision needs to be made. Either switch to a media where the economics work OR switch to a completely different approach and try again. 


Railgun's approach to Google ads is: 


  1. Determine Your Market/Target Audience
  2. Confirm How We’re Measuring Success 
  3. Grant Railgun Access To Your Google Ads Account
  4. Grant Railgun Access To Your Google Tag Manager
  5. Perform Google Ads Audit
  6. Determine Your Monthly Budget
  7. Determine Geographic Targeting
  8. Perform Keyword Research
  9. Determine Negative Keywords
  10. Develop Responsive Search Ads
  11. Consider Most Used Ad Extensions
  12. Consider Adding Site Retargeting
  13. Confirm Your Website URL That We're Sending Traffic To
  14. Launch Your Google Ads Search Campaign
  15. Gain Access To Reporting 


Most business owners, professionals, and consultants do not execute all 15 steps and as a result, their chances of a successful campaign are usually not very good (in a few VERY small niches you might get away with it). The cost per click makes it virtually impossible to create a patient, client, or customer that is affordable at the first sale. And that makes Google ads a "No Go" for your business. That's unfortunate because other businesses in your niche probably are having success with Google and that means you're missing out on that revenue.


But, get it right and Google Ads can be a fabulous source of new business. Simply put, once you figure out how to get your ads to the point where they are profitable all you need to do is to keep making small adjustments so that your cost per conversion continues to drop, thus making your ads increasingly lucrative. 

If you'd like help with this process or would like to know more, schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult with Richard Bueckert HERE.


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