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Posted by eLaunchers on Jun 7, 2022 8:06:00 AM


"Open Door Management" of your business is a two-edged sword. Yes, you should absolutely have times when your staff can access you directly. But when that time is unlimited, your ability to function as a leader or manager is seriously compromised. There needs to be a balance between time where you can work - focused and uninterrupted - and when you can respond to the needs of your employees, vendors, and customers.

Fortunately, there are several ways eLaunchers can help you find that balance. To begin, the CEO of every business must make (and keep) a time commitment to the marketing of the business. Even if the company has a CMO, the CEO must ensure that the marketing, sales team, and the business mission are all in alignment. This process often requires outside help because people in the business may be too close to the day-to-day operations and problems to objectively see the opportunities and the linchpins. When you bring in an outside consultant like Parthiv Shah, you not only benefit from years of experience solving marketing and sales problems across multiple industries and platforms, but you also make the commitment to a third party to meet on a regular basis to address issues that are holding back the organization.

Next, you leverage automation to free up the repetitious tasks that invisibly waste hours of time. As a very simple example, most people type their names 50 or more times per workday. Assume this takes 5 seconds. That's 150 seconds per day. 5 days per week is 750 seconds per week. Times 50 weeks per year is 37,500 seconds. 625 minutes. 10. 4 hours... That's more than one full day just typing your name. A simple auto-hotkey could shorten that to under 1-second effective giving that executive one additional day per year to focus on his company.

Granted, it's ONLY a 3-second task... But how many of these little tasks are consuming vast amounts of the CEO’s time every year?

Lastly, shut your door. There must be times when you can work, uninterrupted in a minimum of a 90-minute block. Set rules about when your staff may violate the "closed-door" rule and enforce it ruthlessly. A friend has a rule called "Fire, Flood, or Blood." If the person coming through the closed door asks about anything and it's not related to a fire, a flooding issue, or someone bleeding, they get a dressing down and sent packing. There are no exceptions.

Most business owners do not enforce rules and as such function at the whim of everyone else. Their days are usually completely unproductive and if they get a solid 30 minutes to concentrate on actual important work, it's a miracle.

But when the CEO dedicates time to work on the important tasks only they can do and they enforce some kind of "no interruption" rule, magic happens. The business grows, it is profitable, and the staff knows what is expected of it. It is truly a thing of beauty.


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