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Posted by eLaunchers on Jun 2, 2022 12:14:56 PM


Have you ever had someone say, "I didn't get your email." yet you know with 100% certainty you sent them an email?

Perhaps you thought they were lying or that maybe they have a new email account.

Both are possible explanations, but the truth is that the real answer might not be something you've ever considered: The email provider looked at your email, decided you are a spammer and deleted your email before it was even delivered.

Yes, it is happening. And far more than you might realize.

At eLaunchers we invest countless hours 1) creating email copy for clients that do not trigger spam filters and 2) making sure that all our clients' email security protocols (yes, there are such things) are properly set up and functioning.

Here's what you need to do:

First, don't write emails that are boring or heavy in corporate verbiage. Emails that don't get read or are opened and immediately deleted damage your sender reputation because email service providers watch how people interact with your emails. Too many "delete" clicks and your emails won't get delivered.

Second, and this will seem counterintuitive - email AT LEAST once per week to your engaged contacts. If you think this is too much, it is likely because your emails are boring (see the first point above). Think of it this way - if your mom emailed you once a week, would you complain that she emails too often?

Probably not. Why? Because you are always interested in what Mom has to say. The same applies to your emails. Be interesting so that they are looking forward to each week's email.

Last, ensure your email

is clean and verifiable. Think of it like passing through screening at the airport. For you to get on a plane and arrive at your destination you need to have a ticket and photo I.D. Your email is the same way except instead of a ticket and I.D., your email needs SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. If you don't know what these are, do not worry. We do and we know how to set them up for you. Additionally, use a service like Klean13 to regularly scrub your email list to remove bad addresses. 

You might be wondering - "Do you have to do all this?" and obviously the answer is "No." But as privacy laws get stricter, the email providers will get more aggressive in removing emails that do not comply with all the rules.

Of course, the inverse is true as well. Write great emails, send regularly, and put all the required security and delivery protocols in place and the majority of your emails will reach the recipient's inbox. This is great especially when competitors are not doing any of this!

Specifically, this applies to business email. If you don't comply, a portion of your emails will not get delivered. As time passes, that number will grow until none of your emails are delivered. Bad for you, great for your competitors that do follow the rules.

Email is evolving. Getting your emails into the inbox has never been harder. eLaunchers can help by writing your emails for you, sending them regularly, setting up your security and keeping your contacts lists clean. To learn more, use this link to book a call and let's chat.

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