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Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 1:22:48 PM

Parthiv Shah

Training for CEO and for The Team

The training for the CEO and the staff starts BEFORE we begin implementation and deployment. Ideally, we want you to invest (time and money) in initial training and continuing education for you and your team before you before you make any investment in the system, consultation or implementation at

We believe that the CEO who is buying thissystem should not only be in sync with the continuing education that our system is based on, but the CEO should also be able to articulate the foundation and the logic of this system to the team and get a 'buy in' from all stakeholders in your company. We have seen many times where the CEO makes an investment in a system or technology and the team does not cooperate with the implementation.Getting your team on board with your purchase is so important. The Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform is a COMPLEX machine with hundreds of moving parts. The machine is only as smart as the man or woman running the machine.

We will do an excellent job programming your machine. We will give you all the tools necessary for you to train your team. We have awesome trainers who are not only experienced technologists, but they are also trained system educators. We all have multi-year experience in teaching principles of direct response marketing, marketing automation, infusionsoft and other technology platforms.

I have been an educator at University of Phoenix for almost ten years (2001 to 2011). We know the art of developing a training curriculum and delivering relevant education to you and your staff in an ILP (Individualized Learning Plan) modality.

I am not just a teacher, I am also a student

Recently, I was giving a tour of my office to owners of a multi-national company from India looking to establish a base in USA. As we were walking around the office, we stopped at the library and I said something very interesting. I said: "These bookcases costs more than the office condo".

And that is the truth. I am very heavily invested in my library, in my own continuing education and the educational resources. After all, I am reading on behalf of ALL my clients. My clients expect me to be on top of everything so I can dispense an informed opinion.

I spend about a third of my awake life studying. I read, I attend live events, I belong to multiple study groups and I take copious notes. I create meta-cognitive mind maps of concepts and strategies and visual-sequential mind maps of projects, tasks and deliverables.

At the end of the implementation, we will be building YOUR delivery binder, a several hundred page document with screenshots of web assets, campaign diagrams, campaign content, visual images of all digital assets and  all print assets in one place. This binder is used to train your staff.

At the start of the process, we will share nine (9) core binders that make up the Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform along with additional concept, content and swipe file binders from our library. For a serious student of direct response marketing, there is enough content in my library to last you a life time. For someone who likes to 'outsource' their learning, you can rest assured that the team working on your business is at the top of their game and still climbing.

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