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Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 1:19:26 PM

Parthiv Shah

Success Blueprint

This magazine‐style 12 to 20 page corporate document serves as a talking prop in any selling situation live or on the phone. I have also done a success blueprint as a single 11 x 17 front and back (a four page document) with inside spread being an infographic. Dan Kennedy prefers this to be a small, visual piece accompanied by a sales letter (or a sales person). When used as a casement for infographic, this is your 'talking prop'.


The purpose of this brochure is to talk about your history, talk about your culture, talk about your mission/vision/focus, show off your strengths and talk about everything else you want to share with the prospect about you that you want them to know.

While not an overt sales piece, this is a deeply compelling look at who you are, what you believe, what motivates you and why doing business with you gives your prospect a huge advantage.

As with every marketing asset, the objective is;

“If this is all they read ... they are ready to buy”.

This document is a stand‐alone sales presentation that can sever multiple purposes, including being re-purposed as the text for an audio and/or video presentation.

Smart Consumer's Guide to Choosing the Right…

You never want to boast about yourself or belittle your competition in any way when you are talking about your competition. Your competitors are viable options for your client to explore and no matter who they pick, chances are, they will be in good hands. When you are talking about your competition, you want to shift the focus of You Vs Competition and call their attention to something they have never thought about: "How Am I Going To Compare My Options? How Do I Know Who Is The Right One?".

The 'Smart Consumers' guide prepares them to examine their options on a battery of questions where the answers are thought through by you. This allows you to build a rubric where you will always pass this test at the top of the class, because, after all, YOU wrote the exam. To gather raw material for this guide, you want to round up five to seven frequently asked questions that most people as you most of the time. In addition, round up five to seven should ask questions that you wish everyone ask, because when they ask you THOSE questions, your core strengths are highlighted.

Product/Service Brochure*

4 or 8 Page Service sales brochure ‐ The product/service sales brochures are written like a white paper following our classic persuasive copywriting formula. The classic brochure format is a balanced blend of text, pictures, info graphics and 'step by step' explanation of how your process solves the problem in question.

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