Case Study: Dr. Evelyn D.D.S, Conversion rates from effective marketing

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Dr. Evelyn (a fictitious character) has been out of dentistry school for over a year.  At first, she tried to do some of the advertising/marketing on her own but  quickly realized she didn’t have knowledge or the skill. She found between managing her practice and trying to keep up with her hobby of running  Ultra-Marathon’s learning the in’s and outs of digital marketing simply  wasn’t feasible.  

A few months later Dr. Evelyn  outsourced to a marketing agency called Dentists R Us Marketing (DRUM)  and asked them to provide her with a 12-month report to assess her Return on Investment (ROI).

Niche marketing

DRUM spent time interviewing Dr. Evelyn to assess her niche and  focused her bio on her commitment to fitness and health. DRUM included it in the “about us” section of her website. They also incorporated pictures of Dr. Evelyn running races and even entered a section on her struggles to stay healthy, fit and injury free.  DRUM then created bios for the staff,( also fitness buffs), and mentioned their biggest fitness/health accomplishments in their staff profiles.

Community marketing

Because Dr. Evelyn was inspired to pursue dentistry by an elementary school experience of a visiting dentist, DRUM encouraged her to book monthly presentations at elementary schools. At these presentations Dr. Evelyn focused on preventative and restorative dental health.

Content marketing

DRUM engaged content writers to develop weekly blog posts focusing on preventative and restorative dental health optimizing the articles and pages for SEO. DRUM also  added short staff videos answering FAQ’s and created a Facebook group. In the group, Dr. Evelyn and staff shared useful articles, tips, fun facts, patient success stories, videos, pictures and testimonials.


DRUM made sure Dr. Evelyn’s specific dental location was  included as an embedded map on the top of her website. The map also  linked to a page requesting contact information and an appointment form.

New patient attraction

Dr. Evelyn’s repeat business with existing customers was very healthy, however when she asked DRUM how to increase new patient visits, they created two special offers on her website.   The first  special was targeted to adults and included an exam, cleaning, x rays and teeth whitening for $99.  The second special focused on children and offered free children’s exams up to 6 years old.  With the Facebook group realizing an increase in traffic, DRUM suggested boosting posts on Facebook.


Dr. Evelyn encouraged her patients to write testimonials after their visits and sent them a link to write a review on a  3rd party site. DRUM created a patient testimonial page and a widget to show the third-party site reviews on her testimonial website page.



At the end of 12 month’s Dr. Evelyn received  98 new patients from Google for a total revenue of $40,600. She also received 16 new patients from social media for a total revenue of $6,672. From schools she received 3 new patients per school per month for a total of 36 new patients. The total revenue from school visits was $15,012. In total Dr. Evelyn’s yearly costs for marketing were $18,000 for an increased revenue of $62,284.

Dr. Evelyn’s case study demonstrates what happens when everything in marketing follows the correct process and everything goes right the first time.

Although Dr. Evelyn’s case is fictional, she shares similar characteristics of many dental professionals; limited time, expertise and a road map that connects the dots and ties the branding together in a neat, tidy package.  Fortunately for Dr. Evelyn and for you, you don’t have to be all things to your business, there are professionals who can provide guidance and knowledge to get your business rolling.

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