Can You Imagine Proposing Marriage Like This?

Posted by eLaunchers on Apr 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Picture this, a guy meets a girl, has a great conversation, gets her number, then calls her in 6 months and asks her to get married.


Assuming the girl even remembers the guy, what are the chances of her saying yes?


Probably no chance at all, right?


Or worse yet, what if the guy just sat around brooding because the girl never called and asked him to get married.


Kind of ridiculous isn’t it?


But that’s what business owners do all the time.


They meet someone when the person responds to an ad, they might even have a great conversation when the person buys something small from them.


Then they never call or reach out to this person who they connected with...until 6 months later when they send one email and ask the customer to buy again or buy something bigger. 


Or worse yet, they sit around their business bemoaning that the customer never came back to do more business.


You probably know that I wrote a book called Business Kamasutra.  (You can get a FREE copy here)


The Kamasutra is world famous as THE preeminent authority of seduction.  And because seduction and business are so closely related, I decided the connection was too good to pass up.


Here’s one of the first rules to seducing your prospects…


You need to follow up with them from a position of strength.  Not in a needy “please come do business with me” way.  But in a way that shows you are knowledgeable and helpful…


And that your product or service is the perfect solution to their problem.


And the great part is, unlike a romance, there is no expectation or desire for you to be monogamous with your clients…


So, you can seduce as many prospects as you’d like.   


But before they agree to “marry you,” they must get to know you and like you and trust you…


You build that trust and relationship through follow up.  Email, snail mail, phone calls... etc.


Be helpful and entertaining, and soon enough your prospects will be excited to hear from you and will reward you with their money.


Want some help on setting up the seduction?

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