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Conversion Tools: Chair Side Marketing

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 1:07:25 PM


Each Chair Side Marketing Brochure is a stand‐alone sales presentation. It makes no difference which one a prospect reads, the conclusion will be the same; YOU are the only person it makes any sense at all to do business with.

7 Excuses for Not Getting …

This brochure is for someone who is 'on the fence but want to think about whether or not they should do it'. Chances are they will give you one of the seven typical excuse for not accepting your offer now. If so, you now have something in writing that you can put in front of them, talk about it and hopefully address their concern. If they remain unconvinced, they are going to walk out of your office with an educational brochure that addresses their specific reason why they did not do business with you.

10 Quality Standards

This brochure is helpful when someone is doing comparison shopping between you and your arch rival. Your quality standards are your statement of pride, your differentiation factors and your matter of pride. While these may be the normal industry standards, the fact that you have them written out and printed out shows your commitment to excellence.

Practitioner's Bio

This brochure is helpful when you are justifying your price when you are not the least expensive option. Here you talk about your academic credentials, your experience and WHY IT MATTERS.


This is a risk reversal piece that addresses their fear of commitment and your standard protocol on what you will do when something goes wrong. The statement of guarantee does not unnecessarily expose you to risk of refund, on the contrary, it defines rules of engagement that one can refer back to when situation is adverse. A well written guarantee will limit or restrict your exposure and define what you will and will not do when things do not go well. Besides being a protective document, this piece is also a 'comfort blanket' for the client to cling to as they take the leap of faith and decide to do business with you.

Kind Words

This is yet another version of a testimonial brochure, where you have hand‐picked pictures and captions of kind words said about you and your business by your actual clients. As you display this brochure, you talk about stories, what you have done to win someone's heart and then gently ask 'what do I have to do to win your heart so I can put a quote from you in this booklet’. Answer to this question will do two things: One, it will future pace the prospect to a point in life where they have already made the

purchase and they are happy with the result, and second, it gives them an opportunity to define their happiness and win condition so you know exactly how to make them happy.

Mistakes People Make

When a prospect is comparing you to the wrong option or commoditizes your deliverables or presents an inappropriate alternative to your recommendation, you do not want to engage in an arm wrestle with them about how they are wrong. You want to start with, 'I hear that a lot. Unfortunately, while it feels like the prudent approach, it is not appropriate in your situation. We have this discussion so many times, we actually have created a brochure that specifically talks about mistakes people make when they are in the market for         .

Smile Booklet

This is yet another version of testimonial brochures, this one is a collection of pictures of people smiling, after they have gone through your process. Here you describe the transformational stories. This is NOT a place to display 'before and after' pictures. This is a booklet that celebrates triumph and victory.

What to Expect

Some people are going to be anxious about what is going to happen once they make a commitment to buy from you. Most people in engineering and clinical profession are likely ask you for a detailed description of step by step chronology and a visual, sequential workflow of what will happen & when. If you do not have a written 'what to expect' document, the conversation will turn to the client dictating the rules of engagement and talk about how they want things to go if they give you their money.

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Internal Marketing Machine

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 11:05:25 AM

The Ultimate Patient Follow Up and Communications System for dentists

Internal marketing machine is an end to end system for a general practice dentist or a specialist engaged in significant dentistry. It is basically Business Kamasutra campaign that is souped up with behavior based targeting/segmentation and patient education material for each individual ailment/treatment modality.
Three set of ailment/treatment specific content cyclers (prospect cycler, unaccepted treatment cycler and accepted treatment cycler) makes the Internal Marketing Machine unique in the industry. Several dozen web assets, over three dozen print assets and several hundred emails working in a perfect symphony build an absolutely amazing patient experience.
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Free Report Campaign
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - New Lead Sequence
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Lead/Prospect Cycler
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM- Long Term Nurture
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Reactivation Campaign (12 months with no visit)
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - New Patient
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Missed Appointments & No Show Appts.
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Patient Cycler - Treatment Completed/Accepted
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Patient Cycler - Unaccepted Treatment
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Birthday Campaign
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Referral Campaign
  • ELAUNCHERS - IMM - Refer a Friend
Beautification of Free Reports and Treatment Cyclers for Internal Marketing Machine
  • Big Problem Dentistry
  • Choosing the Right Dentist
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Periodontal Services (gum disease)
  • Implants
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Straighter Whiter Healthier Teeth
  • TMJ - Migraines
  • Tooth Whitening
Smart Consumer Guides and Free Reports for Dental Patient Education (Canada)
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Sedation Dentistry
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Tooth Whitening
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Cosmetic Dentistry
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Big Problem Dentistry
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Choosing the right dentist
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Straighter Whiter Healthier Teeth
  • SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE Affordable Teeth Straightening
Smart Consumer Guides and Free Reports for Dental Patient Education (Various dentists in USA)
  • B - Ultimate Consumer Guide to 6 Months Smile
  • B - Perio Report Card
  • B - Comfort Menu
  • B - Smile Guide Service Catalog
  • F - 5 Secrets to Children's Teeth
  • F - 7 Tips for Tooth pain
  • F - 8 Ways to Stop Bleeding Gums
  • F - Amalgam Article Prenatal
  • F - Art of Drinking Diet cola
  • F -  Bruxism
  • F - Herbal Fixes for Broken Teeth
  • F - Special Report 7 Ways to Prevent Cavities
  • F - Special Report 8 Ways to Stop Bleeding
  • F - Special Report ADA Positions on Amalgam
  • F - Special Report Amalgam Facts Free Report
  • F - Amalgams and The Environment
  • F - Are Dental Fillings Toxic to Environment?
  • F - Special Report: Avulsed Tooth
  • F - Special Report: Dental Amalgams: THE FACTS
  • F - Special Report: Herbal Fixes for Broken Teeth
  • F - Special Report: Holistic Dentistry Explained
  • F - Special Report: Holistic Dentistry FAQ
  • R - Adding Back Teeth - Full Dentures
  • R - Adding Back Teeth - Partials and Implants
  • R - A Special Note to Women
  • R - Consequences of Doing Nothing
  • R - Consumer Guide to Affordable Teeth Straightening
  • R - How much should you expect to invest for major dental problems
  • R -  Procrastination
Special FREE Reports professionally written by Master Copywriter Russell Martino and clinically curated by Dr. Greg Wych
  • Wych - Smart Consumer Guide to Facelift Dentures
  • Wych - Smart Consumer Guide to Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Wych - Teeth whitening
  • Wych - Dentures
  • Wych - Partial Dentures
  • Wych - Smart Consumers Guide Straight Whiter Healthier Teeth
  • Wych - Do All Extracted Teeth have to be replaced?
  • Wych - Dental Bridges
  • Wych - Should You Talk to Your Family and Friends About dental issues?
  • Wych - Smart Consumer Guide to Migraines
  • Wych - Procrastination Article
  • Wych - Handle Me With Care
  • Wych - Dental Bridges
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Marketing Automation For Orthodontists

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 10:49:42 AM


Conversion Campaign Implementation


Orthodontists and General Practice dentists offering orthodontic services will receive turnkey implementation of Infusionsoft campaigns, the corresponding funnels, downloadable digital assets and accompanying print material for a complete, end to end marketing automation system. A special 'ortho' version of shock and awe is also created. The implementation includes:

  • BOSF - 01 New Lead: Email Sequences
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead A: Top 10 Things Report
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead B: Flex Spending Headaches
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead C: Book of Smiles
  • BOSF - 01 New Lead D: Teeth Whitening Offer
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: Email Sequences
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: New patient forms
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: MAP
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: Online Account Access
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient: Ask Dr. ____ landing page
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient New Patient Video?
  • BOSF - 02 New Patient Ins and Outs of Invisalign Report
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Silver Membership
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer No Sale Letters 1-3
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Doctors Club
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Lifetime Guarantee
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Referral Gift Cert Free Kindle
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Lost Customer 3 step
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Message in a Bottle
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Sales Letter
  • BOSF - 03 Appointment No Sale/Lost Customer Postcard
  • BOSF - 04 Appointment - No Show No Show Letters 1 w/Happy Patient Letter
  • BOSF - 04 Appointment - No Show Letter 2
  • DOSF - 05 New Starts/Debond/Observation
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Braces/Invisalign/TMD/Incognito
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Gift Card - Free Gift Graphics
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Debond
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts 7 Ways to Celebrate
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Observation/Growth & Development
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Thank You Postcard
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Problems to Watch for in 7 Year Olds
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts 5 Reasons Article
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Flex Spending Accts & Orthodontics
  • BOSF - 05 New Starts Reminder Postcard

Ortho Shock and Awe


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Behind the scenes at eLaunchers

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 9:31:31 AM

Project Setup & Assignment of Tasks & Deadlines

Once the project is accepted and funded, our 'kick off team' will spring in to action. We will create and populate a project and load it up with swipe files, production binders and implementation binders.

All content is stored in cloud and shared with you digitally. You will learn to read on screen and make your annotations on Adobe PDF files using a tool called 'Sticky Notes'. For web and funnels we use a system called 'redpen.io.'

The system binders and implementation binders are available in print upon request.

  • Sign agreement, Fund the project 
  • Populate project with Standard Tasks
  • Populate project with Special Tasks
  • Select the copywriter and invite the writer to Base Camp Project.
  • Assign copy tasks to copywriter
  • Assign Beautification tasks to designers
  • Assign Funnel work to funnel builders
  • Assign Infusionsoft work to Infusionsoft scientists
  • Assign hubspot work to Hubspot scientists
  • Assign data work to Database administrators and data manipulators
  • Assign web work to web and web graphics team
  • Complete Launch Worksheet with Client

We meet once a week

to review progress and exchange information

Each week, at designated time on the designated day our production team will contact you to get on a call and video conference for screen share. It is important that you attend the weekly meeting to provide feedback and discuss your share of work. If you do not do your share of work or if you miss your production meeting, your project can be delayed by one week (or more, depending on the loss of time).

Certain parts of the project production move concurrently while certain parts of the project are sequential and there are dependencies among tasks. It is important to keep lines of communications open.

Email is NOT a good vehicle to communicate mission critical information and exchange digital assets. We use specific project management tools for communications. We use the PHONE. We use phone a LOT. We want you to call us and talk to us. Schedule appointments between the weekly production calls as needed.

We are extremely generous with our time on scoping, clarifying and delivery. You can speak to any member of our team at any time, as long as you request such conversion by appointment and give a reasonable notice. While we may not be available to talk to you NOW, you can always talk to us same day or next day depending on your time zone.

Talking to an Expert

As you progress through the project, you will run in to things you did not think about or anticipated. That's OK. This is chartered territory for most people. Don't wing it if you are not sure. Don't push the project manager or designer for an 'opinion'. Ask to speak to a subject matter expert.

If you are in doubt, go to www.elauchers.com/client and schedule an appointment with ME. You can reach me during days, nights and some weekends. Even when I am traveling I am available to some extent to speak to clients and answer questions.

Progress Journal

The production manager will send you an email the night before the meeting with a subject line "Progress Journal: <Client Name> <Project> <Task List>". It will articulate information needed for your call with him 'tomorrow'.

If you miss the call, he/she will send another email with subject line: "Sorry you missed our progress journal call" and he/she will forward the same word document again to you. Please re-schedule your production call as soon as possible. Try to avoid skipping a week.

If you actually show up on the call, he/she will send an email at the end of the call stating "Here's what we discussed today, Am I missing anything?" with another copy of the Progress Journal document. You need to read the progress journal and the call memo.


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