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What is Magnetic Marketing?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 25, 2018 3:15:22 PM

Parthiv Shah

magnetic marketing book cover

In 2018, when Dan Kennedy wrote a book on the subject of Magnetic Marketing, I was honored to be invited to write a Foreword. Here's why Magnetic Marketing is so close to my heart.

You may know my company eLaunchers.com as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the U.S. But it didn’t start that way.

Years ago when I launched out on my own, I had the energy and enthusiasm to succeed. But not the knowledge In the early days, I’d work like a rented mule late into the night doing what I thought would help a client grow their business.

But back then, the kind of results I wanted for myself and MUST deliver for my clients, just weren’t there. The early years were a low point in my life and my career.

Then I met Dan Kennedy...

After attending events, I knew Dan’s style of direct response marketing was right for me. So I bought everything. Studied everything. And developed mind maps and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for implementing Kennedy’s ideas.

The key points I learned from the Magnetic Marketing are:

  1. Know who you are and who you are for (Market to Message match)
  2. Be a welcome guest in the life of a prospect (Give first)
  3. Fail-safe follow up. When someone shows interest stay in touch with them until they buy or unsubscribe.

In 2011 I became an integrated part of GKIC by purchasing a local chapter of GKIC, an founding an adult study club for Magnetic Marketing.

While I studied everything published by GKIC, I found transformative value in Magnetic Marketing.

Applying Dan’s secrets, I BEGAN ENGINEERING MASSIVE WINS FOR MY CLIENTS – and my business grew. Hard work was finally paying off. Doing THE RIGHT THINGS make all the difference.

For most businesses, my system LOWERS MARKETING COSTS. And generates a stream of good inbound leads that grows bigger every month.

Once spent enough time studying Kennedy, I studied other direct response marketing models, especially the models powered by emerging technologies in marketing automation. After all, Dan was ‘old school’ and practically becoming obsolete. (Or so I thought ). :-)

I became certified Infusionsoft partner (2012). I became Digital Marketer certified partner (2014). With my coach/guru Dr. Stephen Roulac I started attending Digital Marketer War Room (2014-2017). I became Click Funnels certified partner (2016). I became HubSpot certified agency partner (2017).

  • Infusionsoft gave me Lifecycle Marketing Planner.
  • Digital Marketer gave me Customer Value Optimization with Value Journey Canvas.
  • HubSpot gave me Inbound Marketing Methodology.

And that is when everything began to change.

The brilliant question asked by a 17-year old intern...

One day in 2018 I was teaching these concepts to a class of fresh interns and one 17 year old girl asked:

“What’s the difference between all these systems? Which system is right for a growing business today? How do I decide what system to implement in a particular business situation?”

To answer that question, we began comparing the systems. We pulled out implementation mind maps and WBS (Work Breakdown Structures) for each system so we can find similarities and key differences.

Here’s what we found:
There is NO difference. All the systems have the same core philosophy, identical workflow and nearly identical WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). Everyone has their own twists and visual rendition of the concept. But the CORE OBJECTIVE and the PROCESS of achieving that object is IDENTICAL.

  1. Identify who you are, who you are for.
  2. 2. Show up like no one else. Come bearing gifts, share before you ask.
  3. Build a relationship and let the transactional aspect of the relationship bubble up to the top. If you play your cards, the buyer will buy, and you will not have to sell.

So here is the comparison between the systems.

magnetic marketing implementtion infographic


This info-graphic describes Magnetic Marketing implementation master plan. (Courtesy Jack Turk. Magnetic Marketing copywriter).


million dollar napkin

Ryan Deiss came up with the ‘Napkin project’ which was the original core concept that eventually evolved in to customer value optimization (CVO) and in 2017 he fortified the CVO with value journey canvas.

I was in one of the earlier classes of Digital Marketer Certified Partners and back in those days, we would fly in to Austin and Ryan Deiss would personally lead the CVO – APPLIED training. The three slides here are directly from what Ryan used to teach us.

The goal of Ryan’s system is to lower customer acquisition cost while simultaneously increasing both the immediate and lifetime value of a customer. We now call it, CUSTOMER VALUE OPTIMIZATION with Value Journey Canvas.


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