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Twitter has gained popularity with 330+ million monthly users by offering them an outlet to share their thoughts, pictures and web links. Despite not being as massively popular as Facebook or Instagram, Twitter is gaining popularity among more casual crowds recently and must be taken seriously as a marketing instrument.


Twitter's team began to roll out more advanced marketing and advertising features in late 2013 and it built upon the marketing capabilities of their product ever since.

1) It is incredibly important to take into account the format of Twitter content. Twitter is famous for limiting its user’s post to 140 characters and later expanding it to 280 characters. Because of that, the copy for your ad must be easy to understand. Despite the fact that you can create multiple threads to the post, it is crucial to make your post go within the narrative of the social network you're posting it at.

2) Do not overuse the #! I know personally that it is hard to limit yourself in using hashtags - there are so many of them and all of them are so popular. Do not fall into that trap! For the average Twitter user, too many irrelevant hashtags will indicate lazy marketing or a random “shot in the dark” advertisement tactic that lacks finesse. Next, it is extremely important to check on the context of the given hashtags before posting your ad to avoid misrepresenting your brand.

3) Make sure to emphasize time frame or urgency in your ad. Statistically, Twitter ads that include a time frame or a time-limited offer perform better than ads without that information. The time frame and an “urgency message” stimulates your customer engagement with the offer and significantly higher conversation rates for your ad. 

4) Do not forget to add relevant website links to your posts. It is vital to attach relevant web links to your posts and ads so prospects can reach out to you. To avoid Twitter 280 characters limitation, you should use a special “web-link shrinking” service such as or Shortened web links are more memorable and more visually appealing than full-sized links. 

5) This tip can sound like a cliche but be creative! Twitter users are similar to any other social network crowd and they appreciate funny, engaging and genuine interactions. When you are writing copy for your Twitter ad - just follow the same principles that guide your customer service and customer interaction. 


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