The Great Inversion Has Finally Happened…

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Sep 25, 2020 1:39:08 PM

Parthiv Shah

For thousands of years local businesses and professional practices have relied on their location to drive a substantial amount of their business.  

The real estate determined the success or failure of the business.  

Even in the pre-industrial world, a blacksmith shop located 50 miles from a town would never do any business because of there location.

In more modern times we have all heard of the concept of anchor stores that bring foot traffic to malls and strip centers.  

Without the right real estate a business was severely crippled…

And maybe couldn’t exist at all.  

Frontage on a major thoroughfare, a location within close proximity to affluent neighborhoods, or a store in the aforementioned mall with a strong anchor…

These were in many ways the core of a brick and mortar business strategy.  

Location, location, location.


There have always been outliers.  The catalog business and mail order companies…

And when Jeff Bezos created Amazon he legitimized the internet as a viable way to do business.


But still, 99% of businesses were tied to their location.

Now, in a post Covid world, that has changed.  

Today foot traffic is a thing of the past.  People just aren’t venturing out unless they need to. 

Businesses that once had an abundance of people stopping in because they noticed something in the window, now have no traffic at all. 

Sure good marketing can help, but without the foot traffic from the real estate - businesses are collapsing. 

Today, for the first time in history, your “pixel estate,” or your online presence, is MORE important than your real estate. 

For decades, despite the success of online marketers, most business owners treated their websites like the proverbial “red headed step child.”

They would throw something up so they could say that they have a website, but there was no real attention given to what the website could do for them.

Today, your website is THE main place where people are interacting with you for the first time.  

No one is coming into your location just because they walked by, because they saw your ad in the yellow pages, or because they clipped a coupon out of the paper.   

In a post Covid world, EVERYONE is online.  More importantly, everyone is going online BEFORE they go to a physical business.  Whether you have a professional practice, a retail store, a restaurant, or some other kind of brick and mortar business…

If your “Pixel Estate” is not in good shape, your real estate location will be vacant. 

If you need help designing the perfect website to attract your perfect client, make sure to schedule your FREE 30 minute call with me. 

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