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Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers in the loop and engaged with what’s happening in your business. How many newsletters do you think you’ve seen in your lifetime? Quite a few I’d bet! You may have even read one or two without even realizing it. For those exceptional few, a newsletter that the audience doesn’t even recognize as a newsletter is the unicorn every business owner dreams of. For the rest… well – some of them range from engaging to tolerable to just painful. Here are some of the my best tips for your newsletter.

Generic = BORING

Titles and headers are everything when it comes to initial engagement. These are usually the first part of your marketing content that reaches your audience’s eyes, and it HAS TO make them want to read more. How many times have you clicked on an email called “April Newsletter”? You wouldn’t! And neither would your audience. You need to have a theme and be exciting with your titles, headers, and subject line. If your marketing strategy and company theme don’t allow you to be playful, give your newsletters edition titles like “The Hottest Trends in Hair Right Now!” or “Killer Tech for Your Home’s Plumbing in 2021” to give your audience something to expect and want to know more. For more playful titles, add interesting titles to spice things up like “The Sunflower Edition” or “Donut Issue”, as long as it relates to one or more of the articles. Don’t bait and switch.


Try and keep a defining theme

Newsletters are meant to have multiple topics and calls-to-action BUT it does not need to be a jumbled mess. Having a theme for each newsletter can help avoid this too. If something is not relevant for that month, season, or doesn’t fit your theme – cut it! If you can’t cut something out or find that your content has started to settle into a couple of distinct groups, you can always ask your audience if they would like to subscribe to your special newsletter that focuses on one topic. Remember, to avoid jumbled newsletters keep your call-to-action clear and divide it up if it’s starting to get messy.


Avoid Using Spam Language

Avoid cliched phrases or wording that spammers use.that would disengage your audience and see your newsletter hit the spam folder immediately. Nothing wrong with describing the events, sales, and call-to-actions or even some self-promotion – but make sure the purpose is clear and the message reaches your audience.


Personalize your content

Personalizing your content makes you stand out. It’s that simple. If you can showcase your products, staff, or location – use your own photos any time you can. I would highly recommend getting a photographer to do this for any cover images you want to use and splicing in any event or staff selfies into the body of your newsletter to give it that personal touch. This approach helps keep your content personable while having a purpose.


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