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A prayer for The Entrepreneur

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Jul 3, 2018 10:01:06 PM

Parthiv Shah

parthiv familyFor the next one thousand days...

This is a true story. In February of 2002, when I left J.M. Perrone, Inc. to start ListLaunchers, we had a prayer ceremony at our new offices just before we actually moved into the office. There, sitting on the floor, in the presence of my family, friends and some business associates, the priest said the following prayer (I still remember every word of it as if it were yesterday):

“You have now embarked on a new journey by starting this business. For the next one thousand days, we the family, we the religion, we the society, relieve you of all your earthly responsibilities. Now this is your place of work. This is your place of worship, this your home, this is your playground. Sit down, get to work and for the next one thousand days commit your heart and soul to focus on making this work. At the end of one thousand days, you will be a successful businessman, a better family man, a better religious man and a philanthropist who will be committed to making the world a better place!”

I want to share this prayer for all my entrepreneur friends and wish them the very best for the next 1000 days and beyond. May all your dreams come true, like mine came true!

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