All About Russell Martino

Russell Martino is the Chief Copywriter for and has been a direct response copywriter for business owners for 25+ years. Russell’s copywriting is directly responsible for over $40 million in sales for his clients of medical doctors, attorneys, accountants, industrial manufacturers, B-to-B, B-to-C, mortgage industry, real estate, investments, and direct response publishers. Russell is the author of one best-selling book already and has two additional books in the works. He also has several marketing and sales related products that are nearing the production phase.

The biggest ‘next’ for him is a new venture where he, with a group of investors, will start and/or buying brick and mortar businesses toward the end of creating massive cash flow which will be used to start or acquire more businesses... think a ‘mini’ Berkshire Hathaway. This project will be launched this year (2018) with the first business opening (estimated) in the first quarter of 2019. In his spare time, Russell plays classical guitar and spends time with his wife of 32 years at their home in Texas, along with his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

The market place has awarded Russell the distinction of generating well over a million dollars in new business for multiple clients, multiple times. His biggest professional passions include strategy, writing sales copy (especially for big ticket items; the more expensive the better), getting the job done right, and not wasting time, and producing over-the-top results that exceed all reasonable expectations. Then, doing it all again. Russell is happy and focused. He loves to laugh but is also serious. If he says yes to something, he will give it his 100%. 

His formal education is a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with minor in business as well as some post graduate work. More than that, he has studied over a thousand books on sales/marketing/copywriting/management etc. and attended deep dive trainings with several of the best, most accomplished sales experts, strategic business thinkers, direct marketers, and direct response copywriters alive today. When you work with Russell you get decades of experience helping business owners solve problems and transform their business into a much higher-profit enterprise that they love to run.

When you get Russell, you get a great attitude and great results.