Free Strategy Session

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in working with I am delighted that you decided to schedule a free consultation session with me. While the session should last about 20 minutes, I am booking a full hour, in case we need more time.

Before you get started, please download and take a few minutes to read the PRISM LETTER. This letter talks about why you want to schedule this call, what will happen when we meet and the next steps. The free strategy session is not a ‘pitch call’ where I will figure out who you are, what you do and try to sell you what I do. This really is a FREE consult session where I will help you figure out a possible solution to one of your problems. A 20 minute to an hour slot is usually enough time to dive into ONE (maybe two) issues.

Step 1

Schedule your appointment by clicking here 

Step 2

Answer a few questions by clicking here

Step 3

Here’s some homework. Please download and read some of my e-publications. I may ask you to read a particular document on this list before our appointment.

For more reading material, please request access to my study club library at There are over 50,000 pages in my library. I will help you decide exactly what to read depending on your situation. Access to my study club library is FREE for my study buddies.