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My first job in the United States was marketing for a Health Club. After generating multiple leads in high foot traffic cations, I would cold-call interested potential members…I learned I was pretty good at this and I ACTUALLY LIKED IT!! Consequently, I was successful at generating many sales. I soon moved on to work for a direct mail marketing firm, J.M. Perrone Company, in Hingham, MA where I introduced a software product, Telemagic, to senior management; they adopted it for their business. While my coworkers laughed and told me learning the system was a huge time waster, I soon convinced them that the software, along with the computer, was like owning a “Thousand Dollar Rolodex”. The owner of the company was a Professor at Bentley College in Boston. He convinced me to get my MBA in marketing, which I did (from Bentley College) in 1994. I wrote many papers on Direct Marketing, Database Marketing.

I came to America a quarter of a century ago. I settled my entire mulch-generational family in the suburbs of Boston. I had been in the Indian Air Force, where I became fascinated with computers. One of my core job duties was to type in the “daily orders” and then print them out of a good old fashioned dot matrix printer (without ribbons) which I would then duplicate on something called a Cyclostyle Duplicator. Th s was my fi st exposure to “mass communications”!!

Mail Marketing on the way to my degree. One of the assignments in my New Product Development class was to create a product and a Marketing plan.

I developed a mailing list to the Indian Community in America. This was my first introduction to a CRM. Over the next twelve years I continued to develop and expand my skills in CRM. All the while, my company invested heavily in my continuing education. I took a Dale Carnegie training course, Tony Robbins Seminars, Sandler Institute courses, etc. As I continued to take on more responsibility, I decided I would make it easier on myself to find potential clients by becoming my own resident list expert. I soon realized that I could provide a needed service to our clients so I began to buy and sell data for all our clients.


I started a dot com company in 1998 but my business failed miserably. Broke and deeply in debt, I went back to my old company and asked for my job back, plus convinced my boss to give me a substantial raise to pay off debt. He gave me a short leash but I was well rewarded when almost immediately I closed a $400,000 deal with Children’s Hospital. I was back on track but, like most entrepreneurial people, I got the bug to strike out on my own once again.

In 2002, I opened Listlaunchers, Boston’s premier list brokerage company assisting the printing industry, direct mail firms and telemarketing companies. From this I learned a dynamic new way of printing content: Digitizing Offset Printing Jobs which brought in much higher profits. The jobs that were selling for $7,500 were now selling for upwards of $12,000. Our sales tripled in three years.

In 2005, I sold Listlaunchers for a $1,500,000 and became a part of a larger conglomerate only to have an IPO fail, and once again put myself and my family in debt up to our eyeballs. My business, Listlaunchers, was killed….but I survived!

In 2006, I started and once again had to start over again. The difference now is that I know exactly what I am doing. I have taken everything I have learned about Marketing, Technology, List Generation, and success and failure and rolled it into one super dynamic company.

This is my story. It is a classic entrepreneur’s story: Start with little or nothing, turn it into something, then back again to nothing and once again turn it into something successful. The difference is that this time, not unlike Donald Trump, I have not only bounced back, but I do not have to – and will not–waiver from my successful formula!

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If I can grant ONE WISH in a FREE 20 minute consultation, what would you wish for?